2020 Infrastructure Conference: Peter Nelson, Bechtel Enterprises, Smart Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges

2020 Infrastructure Conference (Day 1) Session Recording – Smart Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges

What is smart infrastructure and how do we build it? Peter Nelson, Development Director at Bechtel Enterprises discusses the challenges, trends, and opportunities for building large scale, technology enabled infrastructure around the world.

In this discussion, Peter provides perspective on some of the following themes:

  • An overview of Bechtel and the scope of the $21.8 billion (2019 revenue) giant’s involvement in infrastructure around the world.
  • Trends in Technology including hyper automation, and the impact of exponential growth in computing power on our infrastructure needs and also on the evolution of Smarter Infrastructure. He particularly highlights the increases in demands for power infrastructure.
  • Trends in financial markets around the world and how they are increasingly incentivizing sustainable infrastructure while also penalizing higher carbon footprint projects.
  • Connections between societal macro themes and changes taking place in the kinds of projects currently being developed.
  • Selection to provide design, construction, and project management services for the infrastructure for NEOM, Saudi Arabia, a next generation, cognitive city.

He joins other speakers who talk about the shift from “Smart Infrastructure” to “Smarter Infrastructure” in which infrastructure elements are increasingly looked at from a systems standpoint, and he helps us understand the connection between advances in how we develop, design, build and maintain and changes in the infrastructure, itself.  The talk provides a great survey of the themes and topics we visit under the Infrastructure Category of Topics.

For more information on emerging technology and its impact on the development and design of our future infrastructure as well as the technology being developed to help us deliver infrastructure projects, reference the other nine sessions from the 2020 Infrastructure conference or our other Reports, Briefings, and Video on the topic under our Research and other Content Tab.

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