2023 Americas Summit Keynote: Mark Whitson, President, DPR Construction

Mark Whitson, President, DPR Construction delivered his keynote speech titled “Where do we Want to go and Why Can’t we get There?” to kick off our 2023 Americas Summit that took place this past September at Willis Tower in Chicago, IL.

There is no shortage of industry experts who consistently dissect the why’s and how’s of the glacial pace of innovation in the built world. However, there is an increasingly concerted effort to tackle the big issues related to safety, quality, productivity, and sustainability. During this keynote presentation, Whitson spoke about key challenges he’s seen from the executive level, and how DPR is attempting to tackle some of the issues facing tech adoption and forge ahead into the new era of construction.

DPR’s investment offshoot, WND Ventures, will be joining us next month as we head to Miami Beach for the 2023 Venture East Conference to talk more about how innovation and adoption in the space is being pushed forward through investment activity. We will hear from Kaushal Diwan, Partner at WND Ventures, as he speaks on a panel titled, “Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Structured Data the Built World (AI in Precon & Project management)”. In this panel, Diwan and others will speak about how artificial intelligence (AI) has become a central topic of nearly every conversation surrounding innovation and why it can no longer be ignored.

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