BuiltWorlds Session: Geoffrey Kasselman Partner & SVP, Workplace Strategy, CRG

From the 2022 Americas Summit this past September in Chicago, IL comes a BuiltWorlds Session interview featuring Geoffrey Kasselman, Partner & SVP – Workplace Strategy at CRG – the development arm of ClayCo.

During the interview Kasselman explains why he is so excited about technology surrounding digital twins. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system. In the context of construction, a digital twin might refer to a digital replica of a building or other piece of infrastructure. This digital model can be used to help plan and design the construction project, and can also be updated throughout the construction process to reflect the current state of the physical structure.

Kasselman continues to explain that this technology, in conjunction with the expanding capabilities of the Metaverse, will end up being something that’s considered more commonplace within the next few years.