BuiltWorlds Session: Josh Engelbrecht, CEO, ToolBelt

Josh Engelbrecht, CEO, ToolBelt took time to sit with us at our 2022 Buildings Conference to discuss what’s most exciting to him about his business and the construction industry as a whole.

Englebrecht founded ToolBelt as a way for skilled labor to be matched with the jobs they’re qualified for in a faster and more efficient manor. Engelbrecht said that he was frustrated with how archaic the word of mouth method has been when it comes to finding skilled labor for years. ToolBelt allows general contractors to search for qualified skilled laborers in an online platform that can get results within seconds.

Engelbrecht talks about how he’s been impressed with the growth at ToolBelt – not only in the business itself, but the staff that’s helping to drive the company forward. Being in a labor specific startup, Engelbrecht says that he’s taken pride in watching his staff be able to develop and grow alongside the business and credits them for the success the company has seen.

ToolBelt has managed to grow a great business model that’s being helped largely by in-house referrals of companies that have used their services in the past and continue to come back.

Q4 begins a 12 months journey where ToolBelt will be launching nationwide in the top construction markets. This launch will allow ToolBelt to establish marketplaces that will connect east to west for construction in the residential sector. The rapid user base and revenue growth has caught the eye of many prop tech investors that look to join ToolBelt on their nationwide campaign.

Engelbrecht presented ToolBelt as part of the Buildings Conference Demo Day Challenge where the company was able to take home first prize after impressing the judges panel. Engelbrecht credits BuiltWorlds with allowing him to be in a room of like-minded individuals who fully understand what his company is trying to achieve – something that he’s struggled to find in the past.

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