BuiltWorlds Session: Michael Pink, CEO, SmartPM

In our latest session video we sit down with Michael Pink, CEO of SmartPM to discuss things happening around SmartPM’s business and what Michael thinks is the most exciting technology coming down the pipeline for the construction industry.

Michael starts the interview by giving a brief background of where he was prior to his career with SmartPM where he was working as a dispute consultant where he was analyzing and evaluating projects that ran over budget or over time schedule and figure out why those lags occurred. During his time as a consultant Michael noticed that many times there was a breakdown in communication, or even in some cases, an avoidance to it all together. A lot of the cases he worked on trying to figure out why the project was overrun could have been easily solved had the proper communication taken place at an early junction in the project lifecycle.

When he started SmartPM the aim was to allow every stakeholder on a project to get real-time views of data that would allow for better communication among the various teams involved. What Michael and the SmartPM team hopes this will accomplish is empowering teams to have the difficult conversations surrounding delays before they become overly problematic and will require a dispute consultant to come in and evaluate who’s at fault.

SmartPM is one of a large number of startups looking to leverage AI in various ways to help the construction industry become more efficient and accurate in the planning phases.

Because of the quick rise in interest of AI and how it’s effecting the industry, BuiltWorlds has formed an AI Research Track which is currently collecting survey data by asking contractors how they use this rapidly growing technology in their project workflows. This research track is beneficial to both contractors seeking answers on how they can leverage this powerful tool as well as solution providers looking to see what contractors think of the tech and in what ways they’d like to see it implemented.

Our first even AI/ML Annual Meeting is taking place this February 8 in Atlanta, GA where we will have a full day of panels and small group discussions around where this technology is currently being implemented and coming together to answer the question on everyone’s mind of “what’s next?”

Seats are extremely limited at this event so click here to get more information and register today.