Session Video: Rosemarie Lipman, BuiltWorlds

Newly appointed BuiltWorlds Board Member, and champion of the new BuiltWorlds AI/ML Research Track, Rosemarie Lipman sat down with us to give her take on the state of the industry.

Lipman says there's no shortage of tech solutions on the marketplace today and the main challenge that should be focused on isn't new tech solutions, but how to weave existing solutions together to create more comprehensive solutions.

Lipman recently joined BuiltWorlds Board of Directors - a group of industry veterans leading the charge of topic areas BuiltWorlds expands its research capabilities to. She has wasted no time in identifying and championing a new effort in the form of a new research track we are calling the AI/Machine Learning research track that will have its initial meeting at next week's 2023 Americas Summit taking place in Chicago, IL at Willis Tower. This three-day event will cover a wide-range of issues the built industry faces and bring in thought leaders from numerous companies

The idea for specifically delving into this area of the ecosystem with focused research stems from the earlier months of 2023. At our CEO Forum Annual Meeting, Members exhibited a growing interest in understanding and learning about the significance of AI and Machine Learning within the built world. Topics of high intrigue included the intricacies surrounding data ownership and utilization, as well as the potential winners and losers in this transformative technological wave. In a dedicated effort to empower members to remain proactive and flourishing amidst the ongoing tidal wave of AI and Machine Learning Technologies entering the space, BuiltWorlds is proud to unveil the AI/Machine Learning Preparedness Track.

Alongside Lipman, BuiltWorlds research analyst Alexis Adams will be helping to facilitate research and monthly meetings around the various topics this area covers.

All Summit attendees are eligible to attend this meeting - to register for the meeting - click here.