Achieving ROI in Construction Tech

Jobsite technology has reshaped the construction industry by introducing new methods for jobsite tracking and management. Consequently, the adoption of such technology has created opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Return on investment (ROI) measures an investment’s benefit relative to its cost. The emergence of jobsite technology adoption has opened the door to many ways of making the industry more efficient and attaining ROI through improved construction practices. In particular, organization and communication have stood out as key areas for improvement in this fast-growing field.

On this call, Eveart Foster, Director at BuiltWorlds, highlights field management solutions as an effective way to increase ROI. He discusses jobsite technology products used on “smart jobsites” with Yves Frinault, CEO of Fieldwire, and Brad Moore of Power Design. Fieldwire’s field management software is known for its ease of use, universal application, and strong onboarding process. It allows workers to connect and track their project status from the initial documents to building completion. This smooths the transfer of information and data between crews while preventing small management mistakes that often prove to be detrimental down the line.

Contractors such as Power Design value field management software products for the positive ROI gained through technology adoption. The power to access one integrated platform allows contractors to keep all of their project data, drawings, and specifications in one organized place. They also benefit from the capabilities of immediate project scaling and utilization reports. These tools within field management softwares lead to savings in labor costs while ultimately delivering a superior final structure.

Recent technological advancement has created a need for these more synchronized workflows within the construction industry. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for field management softwares in order to coordinate the flow of information from the office to the field in an efficient manner. The implementation of such software works to increase ROI by enhancing communication, reducing costs, and meeting project deadlines of smart jobsites.

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