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Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Finding that single source of truth for project information

October 5, 2015

We rely on data for constructing and operating buildings. But any project
manager or facility manager knows that finding accurate info is all but
impossible due to inconsistent standards. Akita Box’s Luke Perkerwicz
suggests an answer.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Upending convention, design-build dorm pushes style

October 1, 2015

Long criticized as a project delivery method best suited for cookie-cutter
factories, design-build is raising eyebrows with its stunning collaboration
between splashy Studio Gang and nuts-and-bolts Mortenson.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Rapidly renewable, SOM + ORNL design 3D-printed enclosures

September 29, 2015

Innovation in a hurry? Yes, think ‘Space Race’. Only now, the focus is
Earth and the mission is renewable energy. Last week, Oak Ridge National
Laboratory and SOM announced an important project that may affect all our

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Pros and Cons of the Modular method for Multifamily projects

September 29, 2015

All building methods have their strong and weak points, and it’s no
different for modular construction. Here, Procore Technologies’ Alisa Banks
Snyder discusses why the future for modular multiresidential work looks
very bright. .

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Backed by big names, FLUX boosts data Flow via Interoperability

September 23, 2015

Google is known for pressing the boundaries of technology in virtually
everything it does. Now, the global search giant and a host of AEC heavy
hitters have helped to create Flux, a new process tool that may soon
revolutionize our industry.

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Unity ups AEC game via VIMtrek partnership

September 21, 2015

Determined to broaden its reach into the design and construction industry,
San Francisco-based video game giant Unity Technologies is partnering with
AEC specialist VIMtrek Group in an exclusive distribution alliance.

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