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Clean Energy Trust Challenges 14 Finalists

March 4, 2016

Game on! Fourteen student startups and early-stage entrepreneurs are now
finalists in the annual Clean Energy Trust challenge, vying for slices of a
$1-million pie that aims to spur innovation in the clean tech field.
Winners will be named April 12.

3D-Printed Temporary Facility Hosts EU in Amsterdam

March 4, 2016

On March 30, BuiltWorlds will host a fascinating program on The Realities
of 3D Printing. Here, Civil Engineering magazine shows how a temporary
convention center in The Netherlands is expanding our concept of those
concrete realities.

No Sweat: NU Student Partners All Smiles as 3D Printing Challenge Nears

March 2, 2016

With just four weeks until their live display at The Realities of 3D
Printing, it would be fair to assume that our BuiltWorldsNU team, including
six engineering students at Northwestern University, is finally feeling the
pressure. Well, think again…

Older BuiltWorlds Articles

Future Water: Flint Fix Stirs Wide Debate

March 1, 2016

Stevie Wonder and other stars gathered in Flint MI for a relief concert
last week, but their benefit tour will have to add many more dates if every
city with lead-tainted water woes signs on. On March 10, BuiltWorlds will
join the discussion. 

Fantasy Football? Stadium Deals Abound Despite Track Record

February 29, 2016

“Build it and they will come.” (Well, not always.) On this chilly morning
after the Oscars, reality usually sounds a rude alarm. But cities
invariably hit the Snooze button when it comes to pro football, often vying
to outspend each other to lure teams away.

4D Modeling Guides Residence Hall Enclosure

February 25, 2016

A high-profile design-build residence hall at the University of Chicago is
on schedule for students to move in this summer, thanks in part to the
daily use of 4D modeling throughout the project. Mortenson’s Joel Sandridge
tracks the progress.

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