Northwestern Engineers Return to Build their Concrete 3D Printer

Since January, we have had an ongoing partnership with a Mechanical capstone course at Northwestern University. Back on March 30, we held their presentation as part of our show The Realities of 3D Printing (seen below). Now, the BuiltWorldsNU team is back. Let’s check in to see what they’re up to in this quarter:

Hello again world!

It has been quite some time since the last update and the BuiltWorldsNU team has been hard at work! Since the last blog post we have (in no particular order):

  1. Started building a positioning system
  2. Written a whole bunch of reports
  3. Finished building a positioning system
  4. Presented at our first ever live streamed media event @ BuiltWorlds HQ
  5. Gone on vacation
  6. Come back
  7. Added some new team members
  8. And have begun starting to feel how close we are to achieving our first concrete 3D print!

We are very excited to continue working with BuiltWorlds in the second quarter (we love the quarter system) of the project and are happy to have added two members of the team working on the project. Andy Schneider and Leo Deng are both Masters students in Mechanical Engineering who got up to speed on this project in record time and have been helping the team make great progress with their experience in finite element simulation.

We have lots of photos and videos to share chronicling some late night build sessions and some always exciting tests of the concrete delivery system (which may or may not have made a huge mess at one point last quarter) and the positioning system (writing “Hello World” of course).

Until next time,