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Connectivity, BIM conquer complexity with collaboration

January 7, 2015

Could we be moving into a world where project partners are selected on
capability rather than price? Arup’s experience at UCSF’s Mission Bay
Hospital suggests that tantalizing possibility. Yes, welcome to the Big

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Trimble, Clayco among those cleared for drone takeoff by FAA

December 23, 2014

In a significant move by the FAA, four U.S. firms have been cleared for
commercial drone use, two of them from the built environment. All
indications suggest many more are to come.

Bridging tech divide to bring safe access to remote villages

December 23, 2014

Bridges to Prosperity’s work in Rwanda has served as a proving ground for
the fusion of simplicity + technology, with the aim of eliminating poverty
wherever isolation is to blame. B2P alum Andrew Seelaus reports.

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Youth, not just gender, will shape our tech future

December 23, 2014

Gender isn’t the only factor when it comes to the evolution of tech
leadership. When BW reached out to three industry experts for their
thoughts on the gender issue, they all brought up age.  

BuiltWorlds Big Data Meet Up

‘BIG DATA’ draws crowd, blows minds, feeds buzz

December 15, 2014

Reflecting on last week’s successful joint program here, the Chicago
Architecture Foundation (CAF) and BuiltWorlds could hardly have been more
pleased with the SRO turnout and content-rich environment created by ‘The
BIG Idea: Experience Data’. 

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C-Suite Corner: Q&A with Textura’s Patrick Allin

December 10, 2014

BuiltWorlds recently had the opportunity to speak with the Chairman & CEO
of Textura Corp., a 10­-year­-old, Deerfield, IL­-based provider of
cloud­-based collaboration and productivity solutions. The company’s
phenomenal growth in the last few years is evidence that its paperless
ethos is catching on.

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