Real Estate Tech Forum

Technology is disrupting the real estate industry. From virtual tours of spaces to data software facilities management, it is difficult for owners and developers to stay ahead of the curve.

To help industry leaders stay informed, BuiltWorlds has launched a Real Estate Technology Forum and we want you to be a part of it.

Join an exclusive group of forward-thinking real estate owners, developers, and tech experts to learn about the latest trends in real estate technology.

  • Quarterly Webinars– Four times a year, the Forum will meet via Webinar for a one hour call where they will hear from thought leaders representing a topical theme. Each will make a short presentation followed by Q&A sessions, moderated by a BuiltWorlds staffer.
  • Exclusive Real Estate Tech Newsletter – Every month, via an exclusive newsletter, we bring you suggestions for managing, selling, and leasing property more efficiently and effectively. We deliver insights from the greatest minds in real estate tech right to your inbox!
  • Tickets to the Buildings 2.0 Conference – Sensor-enabled smart buildings that know when they need cleaning, heating or cooling. Buildings that harness rainwater, use less and recycle more. Resiliency buildings that withstand disaster. The features of Buildings 2.0 are incredible and promising, potentially improving the environment, the longevity of the building, and the lifestyle of the end user. At Buildings 2.0 we will explore strategies for implementing and funding innovative real estate technologies.
  • Tickets to the Cities Conference – We’ve been hearing for years about the enormous infrastructure needs facing cities, that cities are “disrupt-able” and ripe for change. But what’s often left out of the conversation is how to capitalize on it. The Cities Conference is a full-day premium event that will help you make sense of the crucial changes coming to our cities, including transit, waste, water, energy, buildings, and social infrastructure.
  • Monthly Meet-Ups – Eight times a year (every month when we don’t have a webinar), the Forum will meet in Chicago for 1.5 hours where they will engage with thought leaders on a topical theme. Each will make a short presentation followed by breakout sessions and Q&A sessions, moderated by a BuiltWorlds staffer.

Join the Real Estate Tech Forum Today!

For more information on how to get started, contact Isabel Singer, Network Membership Coordinator at or follow this link to Membership.

Meet-up Calendar

The Benefits of Generative Design and Financial Modeling for Real Estate Development
Wednesday July 11, 2018 // 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Presenter: Parafin
Location: TBD

The Rise of Commercial Real Estate Tech
Wednesday August 8, 2018 //9:00-10:00am CT
Presenter: Turner Levison, Co-founder and CEO, CommissionTrac
Location: Webinar