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Dusty is the next generation of construction layout, helping project teams dramatically reduce schedule time and rework costs through accurate, full-scale floor layout. Our robot lays out your site 10x faster and more accurately than traditional layout methods. Real-time digital records are uploaded to the cloud, closing the loop between the model and the field. The FieldPrinter prints full scale with 1/16” (1 mm) accuracy, ensuring all installed material is within tolerance. Any improperly installed penetrations also become apparent sooner in the schedule, allowing more time for corrections.

Move beyond chalk line layout. Print text labels and rich line styles, ensuring complete understanding of design intent. Remove ambiguity with door swings or equipment orientation.

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California, United States
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Dusty for Framers — Up to 17X Faster Layout With 1/16” Accuracy

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Dusty Robotics + Skanska: Discover How You Can Save Time On Construction With Multi-Trade Layout

Dusty Robotics FieldPrinter System: How It Works

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