Rugged Robotics Awarded Top Robotics Solution: 2023 Benchmarking Report

BuiltWorlds’ Benchmarking Program gives members the invaluable opportunity to assess their technology adoption relative to their industry peers, providing profound insights into enhancing their tech stack. The Technology Specialty Reports harness comprehensive survey data sourced from worldwide general contractors and AEC professionals. This data supplies indispensable insights and contextual understanding, helping to employ informed decision-making regarding technology integration. Within the Robotics Solutions Tech Specialty Report, standout solutions are identified through aggregated survey data from different categories including: adoption/utilization, ease of use, installation/performance quality, installation/performance speed, software platform UX/UI, data integration with existing software(s), and coordination with concurrent site activities.

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Overall Top Solution

Rugged Robotics is a Houston-based construction tech company that specializes in creating robust hardware solutions. They are committed to developing a diverse range of robotics platforms that are tailored for construction site use. Within Rugged's solution, site workers are able to utilize an automated rover that has precise translation of coordinated A/E designs onto unfinished concrete floors.

Benchmarking data reflects high user satisfaction across all functional categories, making Rugged the most highly-rated solution in the 2023 Tools, Equipment, & Robotics Benchmarking Study. Implementation rates for Rugged are moderately high, but lower adoption rates are likely due to Rugged's status as a relatively new player in the AEC space.

Alternative Notable Solutions Examined Within 2023 Report

Noteworthy Findings

  • Rapid and Widespread Adoption: These solutions garnered a high adoption rate--with 74% of survey respondents using it within some capacity.
  • Need for Implementation Growth: Only 44.4% of firms using these solutions on some projects, with 7.4% using them across all projects.
  • Fair User Satisfaction Levels: These solutions earned a moderate user satisfaction average ranking, ranging from 4.6 to 6.8 out of 10 across functional categories.

BuiltWorlds’ Benchmarking Program highlights leading construction technology solutions within five categories:

  • Preconstruction
  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Field Management Solutions
  • Tools, Equipment, & Robotics
  • Offsite (Modular) Construction


This year’s annual Tools, Equipment, & Robotics Benchmarking Report has just been released and supplies aggregated results and key findings from the 2023 survey that focused on the five tech speciality areas:

  • Equipment & Machinery Marketplace Solutions
  • Fleet Management & Monitoring Solutions
  • Robotics Solutions
  • Tools Management Solutions
  • Wearable Solutions

*Rankings are not definitive and the software has not been tested by BuiltWorlds Analysts. They are only a reflection of the survey results collected from companies using the technology based on their completed survey results. For more information, visit BuiltWorlds terms and conditions.

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