About Picture Group

We are a private office that brings untraditional business thinking to traditional businesses. We’re a platform strategist, that is we steer our portfolio companies for synergies and value creation. Majority of our deals are in-house. We also invest heavily, both financial and/or intellectual capital, in strategic alliances and partnerships. In certain cases, we leverage our expertise, portfolio companies, and alliances to extend strategic support to the selected few partners.

Money is not wealth; it is how we move wealth around. Wealth is our well-being, through the goods and services money buys. In fact, economic growth revolves around our minds and its capacity to invent, discover, and transform physical objects into valuable goods and services. That capacity is indeed intellectual capital, the chief driver of wealth. Accordingly, we picture a different world by investing in human talents and intellectual ideas. Through our investments and partnerships, our verticals are Artificial Intelligence, Media, Space, and Real-estate.

Any investments we make, the alliances we ink, or strategic support we extend, must follow our three laws: how we govern ourselves, how we create value, and how we share it. We back these laws through corporate venture development, private equity management, and strategic value creation. A true unconventional approach that not only creates value but also ripples knowledge to the partners and their stakeholders.

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Al Reem Island, United Arab Emirates
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Private Equity, Traditional Investor


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