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Projects Conference New York City


2.22.2018 7:30AM - 4:00PM


Company (formerly Grand Central Tech) 335 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017

Projects are the heart of how the built world thinks.

Whether we're planning a city or neighborhood, developing skyscrapers and buildings, designing an airport, building a bridge, or otherwise, we think about our work in terms of projects.

And it’s no secret that the process of planning and executing our projects has been forever altered by emerging technology (hello drones, IoT, advanced software, A.I./machine learning).

No stakeholder is exempt. No matter if you’re a Developer, Real Estate Executive, Architect or Engineer, Contractor, Built Tech Creator, or Facilities Manager, you're all equally responsible for making sense of technology infiltrating the market.

At Projects NYC, we’ll offer the playbook you need to deliver faster, better, and more affordable projects in 2018, featuring case studies of technology adoption on major projects from around the world straight from the experts who completed them. 



Finalists are invited to the Projects NYC Conference and the winner will receive one free ticket to our Summit in April 2018, the premier C-Suite gathering focused on innovation in the world of cities, buildings, and infrastructure.
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