2021 Venture Investors Top 50 List Preview

As the world resets itself and learns of life after the initial COVID outbreak, we have seen tremendous growth in venture activity in 2021. You can view the full list of activities on our Venture Deals Dashboard. Initially when the list was created in 2019, only 27 investor groups were identified. Last year’s 2020 Venture Report tracked 78 deals with over 200 different strategic investors.

This year witnessed over 151 deals with 368 investors (nearly double the tracked activity from last year). These startups and venture capitalist firms are listed in our company directory where you can follow their activity within the BuiltWorlds ecosystem.

We first launched our Top Built World Investors List highlighting top investors in buildings and infrastructure development, architecture, engineering, construction, and operations technologies back in early 2018 with just 27 investor groups. We wanted to shine a light on the growth of new venture investor groups specifically focused on our industries. Since that time, we have seen the number of investors in the sector balloon. In 2020, we created a Venture Deals Dashboard to track them all, 78 deals so far this year involving more than 200 different strategic investor and investment fund groups.

2021 Top 15 Venture Investors

Rank Firm Investment Activity Startups Invested In
1 Brick & Mortar 18 Cumulus, ZeroKey, Veerum, Curri, Canvas, Rod Radar, Trade Hounds, Curbio, Handdii, SafeAI, Brook & Bucket, IFM Restoration, Fohlio, Hosts Labs, Wingtra, Foresight, Siteline
2 Tiger Global 9 Agora, Assignar, Briq, EquipmentShare, Infra.Market (2x), Monograph Inc., Path Robotics, Versatile
3 Ironspring Ventures 7 Assignar, Fast Radius, GoContractor, ICON, OneRail, Copia, Plus One Robotics
4 Insight Partners 6 HqO, EquipmentShare, Made Renovation, Doxel, Versatile, CompanyCam
5 Blackhorn Ventures 5 Briq, Toggle, Modulous, QuoteToMe, Rhumbix
6 CEMEX Ventures 4 Modulous, Carbon Clean, Voyage Control, Synhelion
7 Breakthrough Energy Ventures 4 Dandelion Energy, Malta, 75F, Aeroseal
8 Fifth Wall 4 Built Technologies, Assignar, Flyhomes, Assignar
9 Founders Fund 4 Workrise, Made Renovation, AirGarage, cover
10 JLL Spark 4 HqO, OpenSpace, Lev, Jones
11 Khosla Ventures 4 Mighty Buildings (x2), Avvir, Jones
12 Suffolk Construction 4 HqO, Canvas, Flexbase, Diamond Age
13 Saint-Gobain 3 Ecomedes, Factors_OS, ToolBelt
14 Romulus Capital 3 Flexbase, Reconstruct, EquipmentShare
15 Greycroft 3 David Energy, 1build, Enkasa

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Last Year’s (2020) Listed Prolific Investors


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