2020 Adoption Advisors List

BuiltWorlds Adoption Advisors 2020

All through the month of October we have been looking at how companies have been organizing to be adapt successful to the many changes emerging technology is fueling in the industry. First, in our VDC Staffing Report,  we looked at the result of our benchmarking survey to understand how companies were establishing and growing virtual design and construction groups, the first place we saw tech adoption happening in the industry players outside of the traditional IT groups.

Following our look at Virtual Design and Construction Group trends, we published our Adoption Leaders 50 List, providing a broader look at the kinds of positions companies are putting in place to help support their efforts to evolve in the face of emerging tech.

This year, spotting another interesting trend, we decided to launch our Advisors 50 List, and examination of the growing array of third party companies aiming to help the industry develop and implement strategies to adapt successfully to the changes taking place across the industry.

Advisors Bring Diverse Backgrounds and a Wide Range of Services.

Consultants in the traditional sense make up less than half the companies on the list. Others offering advisor, consulting, or similar services come from law, finance, accounting, tech, insurance, engineering, owner's representation, and construction. They also offer a range of services from management consulting to risk management strategies leveraging technology to to BIM and Field Tech support to systems selection and integration. It is a truly diverse field, and as with internal staff growth, the world of advisory and consulting services seems destined for growth as well. Every member surveyed saw moderate to strong growth coming in the year ahead.

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BuiltWorlds Member: Paul Belair
Advisory Category: Business Strategy


2. Alpha Corporation

BuiltWorlds Member: Andrew Lindsey
Advisors Bite: Among Alpha Corporation's consulting services are helping clients with project management software implementation and technology integration.


3. AOMS Technologies


BuiltWorlds Member: Hamid Alemohammad

Job Title: CEO

Advisors Bite: As the industry get more focused on smart jobsites and smart buildings, AOMS brings special focus on Sensors, and IoT.

Advisory Categories:

Technology Selection and Implementation
IT Infrastructure Consulting


4. AON

BuiltWorlds Member: David Bowcott 
Job Title: Global Director - Growth, Innovation, & Insight





BuiltWorlds Member: Donais Deetz
Job Title: Director - Construction and Energy

Advisor Bite: AON was one of the first major companies to partner with BuiltWorlds to bring resources to the industry to help companies understand the potential of emerging technology to manage project risks across the full life cycle of buildings and infrastructure. Below, AON's Global Director - Growth, Innovation, and Insight moderates a discussion on the topic at our Spring 2018 US Summit. Joining him in the discussion were Gary Kaplan of XL CatlinRosemarie Lipman of EllisDon, and Laith Amin, of Worley's Advisian.

5. Arias Information Solutions

BuiltWorlds Member:  Ray Arias
Job Title: Managing Partner

Advisor Bite: 15 year entrepreneur implementing digital systems for government and business, including CRM ERP, data integration systems and Finance Software.


6. Arrowhead Coaching

BuiltWorlds Member: Sean Reid
Job Title: Senior BIM/VDC Specialist

Advisory Categories:

Business Strategy
Advisor Bite - Be they leaders of start-ups or established companies, executives are often particularly challenged in times of rapid change. Arrowhead is one of a small group of companies providing executive coaching support within the industry.


7. Boris & Associates Inc

BuiltWorlds Member: Boris Germanov

Advisory Categories:

Business Strategy
Leadership/Culture/Change Management Consulting
Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies
Technology Selection and Implementation


8. Burger Consulting Group

BuiltWorlds Member: Christian Burger
Job Title: Founder and President

Advisory Category: Management Strategy

Below are two recent sessions featuring Christian Burger moderating discussions on construction management technology in Infrastructure and integrating ERPs and Project Management Systems.


9. Cambridge Consultants

BuiltWorlds Member: Michael McCaffery
Job Title: Director, Business Development


Advisor Bite: Cambridge Consultants is a global product development and technology consultancy firm providing outsourced R&D and Product Development services We specialize in custom solutions that include:

> IoT sensing and AI
> Custom communications
> Robotics
> Industrial equipment
> Automation to Autonomy


10. Duane Morris

BuiltWorlds Member: Owen Newman
Job Title: Attorney




BuiltWorlds Member: Chris Chasin
Job Title: Associate

Advisor Bite: With a well established practice in the engineering and construction space and also in technology sector, Duane Morris is one of a small group of leading legal firms that is also work to assist clients at the intersection of those practice areas.

11. ENGWorks

BuiltWorlds Member: Chris Di Iorio
Job Title: CEO



BuiltWorlds Member: Ian McGaw

Job Title: Vice President of Technology and Innovation

Advisory Categories

BIM/Scanning/drone services and other VDC Support
Business Strategy
Leadership/Culture/Change Management Consulting
Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies
Technology Selection and Implementation


BuiltWorlds Member: David Hettinger
Job Title: Founder & Principal

Advisory Categories:

Leadership/Culture/Change Management Consulting
Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies
Technology Selection and Implementation
Business Strategy

Read Contributed Thought Leadership from David Hettinger:

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Analyst Topic Briefing: 3D Modeling and Preconstruction Tools

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This article is the first in a three-part series from Dave Hettinger, senior manager at LitCon Group. Stay tuned for his follow-up pieces. Not Surprisingly, Problem Projects Cause Problems Bankruptcy, restructuring, plagued by cost overruns and delays, prompted by troubled projects, dispute avoidance and resolution strategies, and move away from megaprojects:  Those were just a […]

13. ESD

BuiltWorlds Member:  Mo Fahim
Job Title: Practice Leader, Intelligent Building Technologies



BuiltWorlds Member: Saagar Patel

Job Title: Studio Leader Energy+Eco

Advisory Bite: From Smart Cities to Smart Buildings to Energy Management and Sustainability, ESD engineers have been regular expert resources at BuiltWorlds events and in BuiltWorlds reports. Below is a sampling of some of what they've offered our community over the years.

Around the Network: Welcome Aquatrace to the Catalyzers Forum

  AquaTrace is an Irish startup bringing leak detection technology to contractors as well as property managers and owners.  Recently, AquaTrace notched a partnership with MOY Roof Waterproofing Specialists, a leading global roofing industry player, and the firm is now looking to expand in the US. As solutions to address the industry’s many challenges proliferate, […]

Around The Network: LinkedField Examines COVID-19 Regulations and the Future of Construction

BuiltWorlds member LinkedField released a white paper earlier this year that dived into the latest California law that requires employers to let workers know they may have been exposed to COVID-19. This new rule is different from previous laws because this “puts the primary responsibility on the employer, not the employees that may be infected, to communicate news […]

BuiltWorlds Member Bridgit announces $24 Million CAD Series B funding round

  Bridgit, a Toronto-based workforce intelligence technology company that’s focused on the construction industry, is announcing today that it has raised $24 million CAD in Series B funding. Founded by Chief Executive Officer Mallorie Brodie and Chief Operating Officer Lauren Lake, Bridgit’s post-Series B blueprint includes building out its team, furthering its product development activities, […]

Offsite Construction Survey Early Results

As an ongoing part of our Adoption Leaders Program,  this past month, we have been surveying members on their Offsite Construction practices. Results are being discussed in our E & C Adoption Leaders Forum, and are informing follow-ups like next week’s Modularization Analyst Call, and while we have garnered fewer responses in this leg of […]

Around The Network: Comcast Examines the New Infrastructure

The new Infrastructure: Connectivity and Technology With more than 68,000 miles of network infrastructure spanning the region, we can partner with you to get Ready for Anything “Infrastructure” has become the word of the year. With the 2020 Cares Act and American Rescue Plan Act dollars making their way into our communities, and a massive […]

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Mavericks 2021: Honoring Raymond Levitt, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

We nominated Raymond Levitt to this year’s BuiltWorlds Mavericks List in the Investor Category because, along with his partners at Blackhorn Ventures, he has become one of the most prolific investors in Built Environment startups. Levitt and his team at Blackhorn Venture, where he is the operating partner, have made at least twenty investments in […]

Grouse Ridge, Advanced Construction Robotics, and Brayman Construction Join the BuiltWorlds Network

In a broad and comprehensive move, Grouse Ridge Capital, Advanced Construction Robotics, and Brayman Construction have all joined more than 260 members of the BuiltWorlds network.   Grouse Ridge – The Investment Vehicle Joins the BuiltWorlds Venture Forum As an investment vehicle, Grouse Ridge balances an industrial-focused portfolio of construction, manufacturing, and fabricating companies with […]

2021 U.S. Summit Demo Day Primer: A Rundown on Seven Groundbreaking Startups and an All Star Jury

At the 2021 U.S. Summit, startups selected by our Venture Program members in concert with our Venture Analyst Team will have short opportunities to “pitch” their solutions to a team of judges fielded from our Venture Program Member Companies, for a chance to be the winner of this year’s U.S. Summit Demo Day Competition. Venture […]

With New Deal for Scheduling App, Ipsum, BuiltWorlds Maverick Cutler Knupp Joining Summit Venture Panel

Among the many Mavericks we are looking forward to welcoming at this year’s US Summit is Cutler Knupp, Director, Strategy and Technology Investment at Dysruptek, the venture investment arm of Haskell,  a design-build and EPC firm based in Jacksonville, Florida with annual revenue of more than $1 billion. Venture Investing as Part of the Strategic […]


BuiltWorlds Member: Erin Roberts
Job Title: Global Engineering & Construction Leader



BuiltWorlds Member: Fernando Gonzalez Cuervo
Job Title: EY Partner - EMEIA Construction Leader




BuiltWorlds Member: Benjamin Luxenberg
Job Title: Senior Associate

Advisor Bite: EY's construction leaders have helped us understand how contractors and owners are leveraging analytics for risk management, while other thought leaders at EY such as Tom Budescu and Benjamin Luxenburg in the recording below have helped us understand trends in smart infrastructure and infrastructure development.

Discussing the Future of Smart Infrastructure with Paul Doherty of The Digit Group and Tom Budescu and Benjamin Luxemberg of EY.

15. FMI

BuiltWorlds Member: Jay Synder
Job Title: Technology and Innovation Practice Leader



BuiltWorlds Member: Brian Moore
Job Title: Principal



BuiltWorlds Member: Tyler Pare

Job Title: Principal and Performance Practice Leader

Advisory Bite: Watch the video below to meet several of FMI's advisors with specialties across a variety of areas including Technology, Business Excellence, Strategy, and Organization. For years, FMI has been one of the top firms focused exclusively on the industry.

16. Global Project Strategy

BuiltWorlds Member: Bernardo Gamboa
Job Title: Partner

Advisory Categories:

Business Strategy

17.Dysruptek, A Haskell Venture

BuiltWorlds Member: Hamzah Shanbari
Job Title: Manager, Construction Technology and Innovation




BuiltWorlds Member: Clayton Levins
Job Title: Innovation Project Specialist

Advisory Categories:

BIM/Scanning/drone services and other VDC Support
Technology Selection and Implementation


18.Helm Group

BuiltWorlds Member: Travis Voss
Job Title: Leader of Innovative Technology

Advisory Categories:

BIM/Scanning/drone services and other VDC Support


BuiltWorlds Member: Ben Disney
Job Title: Senior Business Development Consultant

Advisor Bite: Honeywell is a long established leader in the smart buildings arena as well as in Industrial IoT. As both sectors grow at BuiltWorlds and beyond, Honeywell is helping people understand how best to leverage that technology.

20.Houlihan Lokey

BuiltWorlds Member: Scott Kolbrenner
Job Title: Managing Director




BuiltWorlds Member: Vik Pandit
Job Title: Director

Advisor Bite: With the active participation of members Scott Kolbrenner and Vik Pandit, Houlihan Lokey brings the BuiltWorlds ecosystem value perspectives informed by decades of experience in M&A in Construction and in Technology, respectively. Drawing deep experience from two different practice areas, Houlihan Lokey represents another example of larger advisory firms bridging their own worlds to bring more comprehensive support to industry and technology players in the sector.


21. HUB

BuiltWorlds Member: Kirk Chamberlain
Job Title: EVP, National Construction Practice Leader

Advisory Bite: Even as the insurance market began "hardening" earlier this year, potentially driving up premium and project costs across the industry, Kirk Chamberlain, Nation Construction Practice Leader for Hub marshalled a group of insurance industry and technology experts to lead a discussion around the expanding relationships between technology companies and the industry's insurance industry and how smart contractors can think strategically about technology to manage risk and also insurance programs and costs. BuiltWorlds members can click below to watch the full discussion or find it in the Call Recordings and Videos Library under our research tab.


BuiltWorlds Member: Derick Hembd
Job Title: Owner

Advisory Categories:
Business Strategy
Infrastructure Finance and Development
Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies
Technology Selection and Implementation

 23. MG AEC

BuiltWorlds Member: Scott Bailey
Job Title: President




BuiltWorlds Member: Jennifer McGregor
Job Title: President

Advisor Bite:  MG AEC provides workflow, design and technology innovation that ensures day-to-day operations and project management are a success.

24.Perkins + Will

BuiltWorlds Member: Benjamin Welle
Job Title: Director of Energy Lab

Advisor Bite: At Perkins + Will, Benjamin Welle has been focused on the development and management of a firm-wide web-based, cloud-based, energy, daylighting, and solar design and analysis platform called the Simulation Platform for Energy-Efficient Design (SPEED) enabling the firm to provide clients broader insights about the performance of their designs.

25. Quality Built

BuiltWorlds Member:  Brian Kramer
Job Title: CEO



BuiltWorlds Member:  William Bridgeman
Job Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Advisor Bite: Quality Built is the United States’ largest and most respected third-party quality assurance inspection and risk management solution provider for new building construction. Part of a growing breed of industry players providing a technology platform married with consulting services.

 26.Rock Solid Stabilization

BuiltWorlds Member:  Dominic DiMarco

Job Title: CTO


BuiltWorlds Member: Michael Cohn

Job Title: Vice President

Advisory Categories:

Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies
Technology Selection and Implementation

27. Roland Berger

BuiltWorlds Member: Christopher Hoyes
Job Title: Principal

Advisor Bite: Christopher is a Principal in the Building Technology practice at Roland Berger. Roland Berger is a global management consulting firm serving clients in Building Technology and other industries. Roland Berger helps its clients to take decisions by exploring and proposing the best strategic options to solve business challenges (digital transformation, economic growth, disruption in traditional markets, etc).

28.Semac Consultants

BuiltWorlds Member: Abhishek Dalmia

Job Title: Chairman

Advisor BiteSemac is one of the oldest Architectural and Engineering Design (AE) firms, offering ASMEPF services (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire suppression, Air conditioning, IT systems, access control, security systems, etc.).

29.Smart City Works

BuiltWorlds Member: Bob Mazer

Job Title: Founder

Advisor Bite:  Smart City Works provides business acceleration services to start-ups, mature companies, and cities to help transition new ideas or inventions into high-value, high-growth ventures that deliver impactful solutions to improve the livability, operations, and resilience of cities.

30. Syska Hennessy

BuiltWorlds Member: Gary Brennan
Job Title: Co-President




BuiltWorlds Member: Cyrus Izzo

Job Title: Co-President

COVID-19 has only heightened attention to the field of Smart Buildings, and Syska Hennessy's SMART Buildings Team works with clients on Building Management Systems, meeting WELL Building Standards, ROI enhancing energy efficiency, and more.

31. Thornton Tomasetti

BuiltWorlds Member: Ray Dadazzio
Job Title: Senior Consultant



BuiltWorlds Member: Badri Hiriyur

Job Title: Vice President & Director CORE.AI



BuiltWorlds Member: Gary Mancini

Job Title: Managing Principal

Advisor Bite: From the use of BIM and parametric design technology to model major structures, to the use of drones, to modularization, and even how to build a leading corporate accelerator program, Thorton Thomasetti's experts have helped the BuiltWorlds community understand a wide array of topics of interest.

2021 Venture East Conference: Venture East Startup Challenge Winner: Togal

The Venture East Startup Challenge featured six tech startups all looking to make an impact on the built world. A panel of investment experts listened and deliberated and chose the 2021 Venture East Startup Winner: Togal Togal’s construction AI engine uses AIA measurement standards to automatically and accurately detect, label, and measure project spaces & […]

BuiltWorlds US Summit 2021 Sessions: Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO, Newmetrix

Imagine if you could predict which 20% of your projects are about to experience 80% of your incidents in the following week so you could head those problems off before they happen. That is the aim of Boston-based startup, Newmetrix. In this BuiltWorlds Sessions episode from our 2021 Summit, we had the opportunity to meet […]

2021 US Summit – Building a Culture of Safety Powered by Technology – Shawmut

New technology rollouts enterprise-wide can require a major investment. Speakers will share innovative ways to adopt new technologies that can have greater benefits while managing cost expectations.

2021 Infrastructure Conference: The Nation’s #1 Dirt and Aggregate Marketplace creates efficiency and transparency and disrupts an age-old industry

From our 2021 Infrastructure Conference, Cliff Fetner, Founder & CEO of Soil Connect, discusses real world examples of how his company Soil Connect created a dirt and aggregates marketplace that has transformed the way construction professionals, like ARCO/Murray, source and/or move dirt from their jobsites and the impact construction tech has had on how they […]

November 17, 2021 Analyst Call: Tech Stack on Projects | Forecasting your Project’s Technology Usage

11/17/2021 10am CT. Project Management, ERP, BI On this call we focused on the process of forecasting the technology stack required for efficient data transfers amongst project stakeholders for the entirety of the project delivery. Thought leaders from top General Contractor firms and technology solution providers joined in on an important conversation around how a […]

2021 US Summit – The Evolution of Modern Robotics – Andra Keay

Robotics today is not the same as the robotics of the last fifty years, and you can already see disruption starting in the logistics industry, with self-driving cargo.

BuiltWorlds Summit 2021 Sessions: Josh Levy Co-Founder/CEO DocumentCrunch

In addition to being known for its poor safety record relative to other industries and productivity woes, the construction industry is also said to be one of the most litigious. Contract disputes are among the leading causes of this expensive acrimony, and that is where Josh Levy, Co-Founder and CEO of Document Crunch comes in. […]

2021 US Summit – Site Surveillance – HUB International

When it comes to site security, how do you move forward with the right technology and safety plan?

BuiltWorlds 2021 US Summit Sessions: Trey Sklar, Director, Strategic Business Group, Hilti Group

In terms of strategic investors in Built World technology, Hilti Group has emerged as a major force.  With 99% of their business direct to their customers, as opposed to through distributors and retailers, Hilti Group is in a relatively unique position to learn about their customers needs and also to support their customers in the […]

November 3, 2021: ESG and Sustainability in Building Products and Materials: Analyst Call

Learn how to choose the best materials from BuiltWorlds’ Building Products & Materials topics so you can grasp how changing technologies, consumer preferences, and logistical challenges are impacting your projects.


BuiltWorlds Member: Glenn Gandy
Job Title: Strategic Account Executive

Advisory Categories

BIM/Scanning/drone services and other VDC Support
Project Management and Control/Dashboards/Risk Management Strategies

 33.Walter P. Moore

BuiltWorlds Member: Dilip Choudhuri
Job Title: President & CEO

Advisor Bite: Walter P. Moore's Digital Practice encompasses many services including Building Information Modeling, Building Performance Modeling, Facilities Information Management, Generative Design,Modeling for Fabrication, and Traffic Modeling.

34. x10

BuiltWorlds Member: Hermann Schneider
Job Title:

Advisor Bite: After his own successful entrepreneurial career, including leading and then selling innovative concrete technology company, Ductilecrete Technologies to GCP Applied Technologies, he now sits on the Board of several midsized companies and provides consulting in areas such as business strategy, value creation, and exit strategies.