2023 Buildings Conference Day 2 Recap

BuiltWorlds is proud to host the 2023 Buildings Conference as a means to address what the AEC industry at large desires: getting the most out of our buildings. This conference hosts industry trailblazers to lead the conversation, specifically pertaining to cost, speed to market, sustainability, agility, user experience, wellness, and more. By implementing emerging technologies at the forefront during every phase of the building process, from designing, to material reuse and waste disposal. BuiltWorlds acknowledges the rapidity of change and innovation within the industry and provides spaces like the Buildings Conference to discuss how to grow alongside these exciting changes. Within this piece will be a rundown of Day Two of the conference.

Presented By: Joe Harris, Vice President, JMB Financial Advisors; Joachim Schuessler, Principal, he is leading within Goettsch Partners; Scott Cyphers, Design Principal, Booth Hansen; Michael Jividen, Associate Principal, Booth Hansen

User Experience, Safety, and Communication

Buildings User Experience

Featuring Panelists: Josh Lowe, Co-Founder, AkitaBox; Stephen Katz, Technical Director, Senior Associate, Gensler;David Dewane, CXO, Space, geniant; Melissa Marsh, Founder & Executive Director, PLASTARC

"I think the holistic approach is the way to go. Instead of focusing just on what your experience is within the office space, it’s from the moment you step into the lobby or public space or whatever mixed use space create all the way up. It’s simply not enough to just focus on that one tenant space. It has to be the entire project." - Stephen Katz, Technical Director, Senior Associate, Gensler

"The next generation of buildings, even in being in spaces like Convene and WeWork, you're seeing that user experience app that is part of the building. It’s not just the building operator adjusting the building systems but also the individual occupants. Then we can move away from that rearview mirror only perspective of hindsight data. We can not only ask: 'what is the building's energy consumption' but 'what is actually going in there? What is changing day-to-day? How are the occupants interacting with the building? Then we can make more of those adjustments and more of those iterations in the future, so you're getting that smart building that is learning from its occupants." - Melissa Marsh, Founder & Executive Director, PLASTARC

How Venture Investment is Influencing Building Tech (CVC & Funds)

Buildings Venture Investment

Featuring Panelists: Rachel O'Connell, Vice President on The Real Estate Technology Investment Team, Fifth Wall; Chris Fortunato, Vice President, CRH Ventures; Josh Tough, Managing Partner, Energize Ventures; Siavash Mohseni, Director of Innovation- DIVERGE, Hensel Phelps

“For future founders, people that may be interested in starting a company now, we are cautiously optimistic about times like these being great for innovation. Typically with the variance of a down market there’s better access to high quality talent, you’re seeing less competition, and new pain points to be addressed.” - Rachel O'Connell, Vice President on The Real Estate Technology Investment Team, Fifth Wall

Building IoT- The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Operations Tech

Buildings Building IoT

Presented By: Kurt Karnatz, President, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.; Michael Ellis, Technincal Executive AEC, Dassault Systèmes; Anthony Katsivalis, National Director of Client Technology, Transwestern;Deepinder Singh, CEO, 75F

"The easiest way right now to have hard ROI is really around two things: it’s either space utilization or its energy. Those are the things that people have been able to mostly quantify. Things around efficiency of people inside a building are really going to be harder to quantify in terms of experience. We always lead with the occupant experience but the sell is always is based on hard numbers, what’s the area you’re going to save, what’s the ROI and for us it’s about two to three years." - Deepinder Singh, CEO, 75F

Facilities Management & Maintenance Tech

Buildings Facilities Management

Featuring Panelists: Austin Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group, Mike Travalini, CEO, Mezo, Igor Tsinman, President, AMC Bridge, Igor Starkov, VP Digital Twin, Siemens

"In a lot of cases what we’ve seen is that the technology is built by really great technology developers and maybe not with the property owner in mind at all times. And that’s something that we really try to keep at the forefront of our minds: How are the owners going to interact with it? What Data is important to them? And how do they want to see it? Maybe not always necessarily what’s going to be the coolest technology to add to the platform?" - Austin Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group

The Nuances of Modular/Prefab: Modular Development & Modular Construction and the Impact on How we Build

Buildings Final

Featuring Panelists: Jennifer Caldwell, Client Accounts Director, U.S.,Modulous; Steve Glenn, CEO, Plant Prefab; Aaron Holm, Co-CEO, Blokable; Curtis Wong, CEO, Cloud Apartments

“There is a need for us to look at this more around product approach so that we can really start to move the needle on driving down costs. We are looking at moving some of the manufacturing further up the supply chain so we have a little bit more visibility into that…It’s very different from having that insular fully-internal approach.” -Jennifer Caldwell, Client Accounts Director, US, Modulous

SOM Lead Tour of 800 W Fulton Market and Networking Reception

SOM Tour