5 Robotics AEC Titans in Asia

In the dynamic AEC landscape, innovation in technology helps to direct the industry further. Asia stands as a pioneer within robotics innovation, bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront of AEC projects. BuiltWorlds discusses some this year's top robotics leaders within the ecosystem in the 2023 Robotics 50 List, including five companies that are within Asia. This list is curated from data within the 2022-2023 Benchmarking Survey, direct industry feedback, and case studies.

BuiltWorlds is thrilled to host the inaugural Tokyo Summit this October at the Conrad Hotel. This two-day event aspires to foster collaboration between Asian innovators while allowing participants based outside of Asia the opportunity to gain vital insights of the developments and advancements occurring within the region. Above all, this summit will be a knowledge exchange–discussing all of the intricacies and emerging technologies within the built world.

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Fabrica AI’s platform revolutionizes the evolution of robots through the use of customized hardware designs for users' project needs and environment. Their system swiftly generates designs and fine-tunes the foundation model to be the best fit for every company’s needs. Fabrica is currently working on fully automated bots that grout and clean tile gaps at the touch of a button–increasing productivity by at least 10 times its normal rate.


MiCoB specializes in offering 3D Concrete Printing solutions tailored for the Residential, Infrastructure, and Architectural sectors. They create personalized, high-performance structures such as bunkers, as well as energy-efficient and custom-designed bungalows and villas. As a seed-stage startup headquartered in India, MiCoB has garnered investment from various sources, including 3Lines Venture Capital.

Sumirobo (Hitachi)

Sumirobo is Hitachi's robot system for construction. Sumirobo automates positioning and equipment work in cooperation with surveying instruments. Sumirobo links to a user's tablet, where it can be given operating instructions. Sumirobo will detect obstacles in a specified range, generate marking data, and convert it into CAD data (DXF format).

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Xpanner, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, provides a cloud-based construction management solution that increases productivity and accessibility for its users. Their platform seamlessly unifies and simplifies diverse data sets for all project stakeholders to examine along with enabling users to track overall/fleet progress with on-site and digital twin monitoring. They offer comprehensive construction technology as a service (TaaS) that enhances productivity through smart tech integration.


BeeInventor's cloud management platform allows for the digital management of any smart device for seamless site work for projects. With over 70 projects in both the private and public sectors with some of Asia’s largest developers, BeeInventor is proving to be a strong force within AEC tools, equipment and robotics solutions. BeeInventor is a leading IoT tech firm that is reshaping the conventional construction space. Established in 2016, the company is now working as an incubatee at the Hong Kong Science Park further expanding their current software development and offerings.