A Growing Need for Green Building Technology


Building Tech Overview

With the relaunch of BuiltWorlds’ Building Tech Forum, attendees can expect several changes from the typical Forum agenda they may be accustomed to. The Building Tech Track was initially launched in 2018 but got sidelined due to Covid. It is evident that industry-wide collaboration is imperative to continuing innovation in the built world, especially when it comes to green initiatives, which is where the Building Tech Forum comes into play. Sustainability and ESG teams are tasked with understanding the environmental implications of their buildings and coming up with ways to lessen their negative impact on the world. Still, many of these positions have only been around for one, two, or three years at most. Without grandfathered connections from predecessors, the need for a group like the Building Tech Forum is clear — a collection of like-minded peers dedicated to conversions and collaboration specific to building technology and innovation, with the intent of promoting the longevity of buildings and reduction of carbon in the world.

What to Expect

Building off the groundwork that the E&C Technology Adoption Leaders Forum has established, the Building Tech Forum intends to be largely conversation based. In emphasizing collaboration, Forum members should feel a sense of comradery and desire to contribute at each month’s meeting.

The first meeting is scheduled for February 9th at 12 PM CST and will meet via Zoom. Being the first formal Forum Meeting since its break, the format for February 9th is more informational rather than content driven. Attendees can expect the following:

  • Introduction to the Forum
  • Introduction from Attendees
  • Overview of the 2023 Building Tech Syllabus and Agenda
  • Determine Areas of Interest
  • Sneak Peek into the Building Tech Survey

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The second Building Tech Forum meeting will be in person following the general sessions at the Venture West Conference in San Francisco. This meeting will introduce a standardized format that all meetings will follow from there on out. Attendees can expect the following:

  • Introduction (5 Minutes)
  • Problem Identification & Overview of Topic from Guest Moderator (10 Minutes)
  • Open Discussion from All Attendees, Including Shared Experiences, Potential Solutions, and Relevant Conversation (40 Minutes)
  • Closing Remarks and Associated Learning Opportunities (5 Minutes)

BuiltWorlds’ first “guest moderator” of the Building Tech Forum is Aaron Anderson, Director of Innovation for Swinerton Builders! Aaron will begin a conversation around Energy Systems/HVAC before the discussion opens to the broader group.

Aaron Anderson

Director of Innovation, Swinerton Builders

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Evidenced Growth in Building Technology

Although sustainable building and building operations historically relied on owners’ and architects’ specs, the industry seems to be shifting with an influx of green solutions coming to market. Since 2017, the BuiltWorlds Venture team has tracked venture deals, VC funding, and M&A activity in the construction and broader real estate ecosystem. The result of this research is the annual Venture Deals 50 List. Within this list, the Building Tech category has seen significant investment in the last year, including a $260M Series C for H2 Green Steel, and a $250M Series D for Sun King.

It is evident that Building Tech has and is continuing to gain significant traction based on the sheer size of investment in the space. As the focus shifts toward greener building technology, the need for groups like the Building Tech Forum to cut through the noise becomes increasingly important.

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