2023 Venture West Conference


3.21.2023 at 8:00AM - 3.23.2023 at 5:00PM


The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square 335 Powell St. San Francisco, CA 94102

Conference Overview:

BuiltWorlds Venture Conference series has been the world’s premier conference series focused on venture investing in construction and built environment-related emerging technology. This industry pioneering event will cover Building and Infrastructure Tech with every building stage in focus including: planning & design, pre-construction services, construction, modularization, building products & materials, advanced tools & equipment, robotics, logistics & supply chain, as well as building & infrastructure asset operations and management among so much more.

Leading built-world venture capitalists, strategic investors, and startups gather each year to take the pulse of the industry’s startup ecosystem at the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference.

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2023 Speaker Lineup

Eric Lamb

Managing Director, WND Ventures

Cutler Knupp

Director - Strategy and Technology Investment, Haskell

Gonzalo Galindo

Head of CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX Ventures

Ray Levitt

Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures

Sidharth Haksar

Head of Strategy, Autodesk Construction Solutions, Autodesk

Clifton Harness

Co-Founder and CEO, TestFit

Michael Heller

Senior Associate, Navitas Capital

Eveart Foster

Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Daniel Laboe

Director of Venture Investments, BuiltWorlds

Tyler Sewall

Director of Technology Adoption, BuiltWorlds

Sean Wrenn

Research Analyst, BuiltWorlds

Ajey Kaushal

Investor, JLL Spark

Vivin Hegde

General Partner, Zacua Ventures

Daniel Fetner

General Partner, Alpaca VC

Chris Callen

Founder and CEO, PLOT Communications

Preliminary Agenda

Subject to Change

Day 1 Schedule


Breakfast & Registration


Welcoming Remarks




The State of Built World Strategic Funds

- The motivations of Strategic funds may be different from a traditional VC so the benchmark for success can be difficult to define.
- This panel will dive into the pros and cons of launching an off-balance sheet strategic fund and whether its the right move for your organization.


Networking Break


The Modular Model: To Integrate Or Partner

- This panel will dive into the the highly debated topic of how best to vertically unify this industry
- Does the Tesla model work in construction?
- Looking into the Katerra downfall: a testament to its market disrupting potential or how not to integrate in the AEC space?




The State of Built World Ventures

- Director of BuiltWorlds Venture Investments will review investment activity in 2022 and potential implications for the future of the built environment.


2023 Built World Venture Investment Outlook

- Talking with leading industry pioneers from internal innovation teams to groundbreaking startups to prognosticate the future of this space.
- This panel will provide frontline insights into where future-focused innovators are guiding the built world.


State of the Built-World in The Asian Pacific

- This panel will take a deeper look at AEC venture activity in the Asian Pacific market as compared to other regions across the globe.
- Is the VC opportunity the greatest in Asia, and where is it headed through the remainder of the "Roaring 20s"?


Built-World Venture Capitalists: Investors in The Final Frontier of Innovation

- This panel will feature the most active AEC investors of 2021 & 2022 and discuss the investment drivers of both the 2021 funding palooza and the more stringent DD involved in 2022 venture investments.


Demo Day Competition

Day 2 Schedule


Breakfast & Networking


BuiltWorlds Research Presentation

- BuiltWorlds analysts will present proprietary research providing insights connecting investment trends to present-day technology adoption.


Climate Tech: The Regulatory Impact on the Built-World

- This panel will focus on the global acceleration towards environmentally empowered building technology and how government grants/subsidies are being leveraged by startups and investors.


Democratizing 4D: Project Modeling and Simulation Tech Adoption

- Design has been one of the most digitally adopted segments of a building’s lifecycle but the technologies leveraged in this early conception phase have been largely cut off at the next phase of construction.
- This panel will review the design technologies at the front-end of the next-generation built worlds.


Networking Break


A Year of M&A Activity In AEC-Tech

- This panel will bring together the players behind the most notable M&A deals of 2022 and discuss the drivers behind each deal
- Whether it was value-seeking distressed M&A or sustainability enhancing acquisitions for future operations


Real Estate Tech: Will ConTech & PropTech Converge?

- This panel will be taking a high-level look at the real-estate value chain from material sourcing to building management/maintenance.
- Speakers will include Investors & stakeholders across a building’s lifecycle for a comprehensive view of where the gaps/opportunities lie and ultimately how the margin-expanding optimizing impact of tech may only be realized once the entire vertical is digitalized.

The Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square 335 Powell St. San Francisco CA 94102

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