Around The Network: As US Infrastructure Spending Looms, Israeli Infrastructure Construction Technology Startup, Datumate, Enters the Fray

President Joe Biden’s recently announced 2 trillion dollar national infrastructure plan has put infrastructure at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds at the moment. With that, there is a golden opportunity to make innovative infrastructure construction technology (infratech) a key element to the massive and smaller projects that are envisioned under the proposal, and startups from around the globe, including Israeli Infrastructure Technology startup, Datumate, are seeing the opportunity to expand into the massive US market. Modernized ports will be full of internet-connected machinery, new roads will likely contain smart technology to communicate with autonomous cars, and power and water facilities already full of networked equipment will be upgraded and enlarged.

At BuiltWorlds, Smarter approaches to infrastructure is a core topic of explorations, and, with America’s current heightened focus on the topic, we’ve been examining the role of technology in Infrastructure quite frequently of late. On Earth Day we published an Analyst Report looking into the integration of nature and urban planning. And earlier this month we released our Five Themes and 50 Solutions Infrastructure Playlist, which looked at the way these new bills will create opportunities to advance new and more efficient ways to approach the infrastructure projects that will stem from them. Additionally, our Infrastructure Tech 50 list report annually rounds up the leading companies and up-and-coming providers helping built industry players plan, manage, execute, deliver their infrastructure assets across eight different categories.

Infrastructure Tech 50

Our members are not letting this historic opportunity pass by without comment, either. Datumate, based out of the scorching technology hotbed of Israel, recently hosted a webinar that examined ways to boost the efficiency of transportation construction projects. They recently partnered with Caltrans, one of the most prominent and most advanced Department of Transportation in North America, on using digital project management to meet their goal of timely project completion.

Here at BuiltWorlds, we will continue to be exploring this brave new world massive infrastructure projects, most prominently this coming October where we will be Livestreaming our 2021 Infrastructure Conference, a half-day digital outing that will bring together some of the top industry leaders to discuss the technological innovations within each core aspect of today’s infrastructure projects. Hope to see you there!


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