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Future Infrastructure

As the United States debates the shape of an historic, new infrastructure bill, one question that people may pose is whether this may also be an opportunity to advance new and more efficient ways to approach the infrastructure projects that might stem from the bill. Infrastructure tech is really its own niche in the broader construction technology sector, and encouragingly, recent years have seen significant and increasing focus specifically on the needs and opportunities within this niche.

About the Infrastructure Tech List and the Infrastructure Conference

Although Infrastructure is a specific niche within the broader field of construction, it is a substantial niche. As distinguished from commercial and residential building construction, Infrastructure includes site and civil work, roads, bridges, tunnels, power, rail, energy, water, waste, and communications and more.  The proposed stimulus bill would affect many of these areas.

Beyond our annual Infrastructure 50 List and our Infrastructure Conference, you can reference our Conference and Calls tab to find related upcoming calls, or our Cities and Infrastructure Home Page to find a more complete list of our Cities and Infrastructure Tech-related offerings and coverage. The opportunities to leverage tech in this sector of the industry are perhaps earlier in development than in the Buildings sector, and we expect to see the Infrastructure Bill and other factors contribute to significant growth in the years to come.

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Emerging Technology in Planning Road Work

Maybe more than any other type of construction, road builders have the ability to leverage drones and scans from the sky to improve how they plan their work. This talk looks at how that technology and others are helping heavy infrastructure builders plan more efficiently for safer and more efficient projects.

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Infrastructure tech preconstruction

Smart Equipment, Robotics, and Connected Job Sites in Infrastructure

Infrastructure Job Sites are being connected and automated like never before. In this session, we will look at some of the specific case studies in robotics and the connection of people and equipment in order to gain greater job site efficiency.

Infrastructure Day Two: Advances in Smart Equipment

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With sensor from drones above, in sewers below and on our streets gathering more data about our physical infrastructure than ever, we have more ability than ever to identify issues early and remotely and address them more quickly. In this panel, we will discuss the ways in which technology is helping us maintain our infrastructure better, more efficiently, and more safely.

Infrastructure Tech IoT Maintenance

2020 Infrastructure Tech 50 List

The Infrastructure Tech 50 List features solutions specifically addressing the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Built Worlds’ infrastructure assets such as roadways, bridges, tunnels, and more. The list includes leading companies and up-and-coming providers helping built industry players plan, manage, execute, deliver their infrastructure assets across eight categories.

Infrastructure Tech 50

Smart Infrastructure Planning and Development

Chicago is currently home to multiple multi-billion dollar mega developments in the early stages of development. Historic Pullman is a particularly interesting illustration of major mixed use development for many reasons. It is located on the City's far south side, well outside of the core business areas that traditionally see mega development in the City. It is also particularly relevant to this discussion because of the pivotal role that infrastructure (past and future) has played in fueling its success. There is much more to learn from this case study, as well, even just around the role that infrastructure plays in enabling communities.

Chicago's Infrastructure Planning Session

Infrastructure and the Smart City

As we've seen a increasing number of tools powered by a proliferation of sensors connected to powerful cloud computing, we step back and remind ourselves that all of this effort is linked to the ultimate goal of better outcomes for the citizens of cities, the ultimate customers of our efforts. John Tolva will help bring perspective on how we bridge the technologies that help improve our process with the outcomes that actually make our cities better places to live.

John Tolva Cities

Emerging Construction Management Technotology for Infrastructure

The past couple of years have seen a significant increase in the amount of focus and investment on improving project management technology for Infrastructure projects. Emerging Technology players have garnered significant investment to fuel more robust solutions for management of infrastructure projects that incorporate drones, voice activation, GIS, photo-stitching and other technologies, In this session, we will speak with a group of industry players and technologists about these emerging tools and how they will drive improvements in the management of infrastructure projects.

Clue Insights, Christian Burger, Autodesk at Infrastructure

Peter Nelson, Bechtel Enterprises, Smart Infrastructure Opportunities & Challenges

On of the leading global infrastructure builders and the United State's largest builder, Peter Nelson, Development Director, Bechtel Enterprise shares his perspective on smart city development in the United States and elsewhere around the world with a particular eye to how development is changing in energy, power, and data infrastructure.

Peter Nelson, Bechtel Enterprises, Infrastructure 2020

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