BuiltWorlds Venture Category Breakdown

BuiltWorlds Venture research is broken down into three categories: ConTech, Infrastructure Tech, & Building Tech.

The best way to understand these classifications is to think of a city/town/municipality with a single building furnished with all the expected utilities: water, electricity, sewage, internet access, etc.

Now imagine if you were to lift that building off the ground.

Every tech solution that pertains to that structure (down to the material it’s made of): new building materials, sustainable operations & management, digital-twin technologies, and performance would be considered Building Tech.

The technology involved in monitoring, optimizing, and sustaining everything underneath that building that allows it to function and be properly utilized: electricity, utilities, roads/highways, bridges, broadband, and other publicly used infrastructure, would be considered Infrastructure Tech.

Now finally all of the future-focused technologies involved in the architecture, engineering, and ultimate construction of that building and its underlying infrastructure (effectively everything that is taken off the site when a construction project is complete) would be considered ConTech.

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