Day Two Buildings Conference: Intelligence and Sustainability in Materials, Products, and Systems

Credit: Reimagining Cities Foundation

We met Wednesday, April 7th from 9:00 am – 12:15 pm CT and explored Smart Sustainability and how emerging technologies are influencing Building Products, Materials, and Systems. Building off Buildings Conference Day One in which we explored technologies impacting planning and building design, we discussed how these innovations are impacting the Operations and Maintenance of Buildings for a greener, sustainable future.

Intelligence and Sustainability in Materials, Products, & Systems

Sustainable materials are at the core of future construction. The ability to bring new innovations can lead to improved building efficiencies, waste reduction, and cost savings. We explored smart building products that promote building wellness.

Credit: Cadman

Emerging Technologies for Smart Sustainability and Building Operations

Design professionals and city planners are pushing to find the best sustainable building materials for projects. The EPA notes that commercial and residential buildings account for over 11% of CO2 emissions; green building practices are advancing quickly – choosing the best sustainable materials is a key component to a successful project.

Credit: Lehigh Hanson

The Experts

  • Emma Hendry, CEO, Hendry
  • John Romano, CTO & VP Digital, Infosys
  • Chungha Cha, Co-Founder & Chair, Reimagining Cities Foundation
  • Kyle Bolden, Partner, EY
  • Larry Busch, Area General Manager, Cadman
  • Anne Ellis, Executive Director, Charles Pankow Foundation
  • Sam Boyajian, VP Integrated Building Technologies, Modern Niagara
  • Stacy Smedley, Executive Director, Building Transparency
  • Fin MacDonald, Manager Zero Carbon Building Program, Canada Green Building Council
  • Kevin Spencer, VP Energy Solutions, Modern Niagara
  • Sean Reid, President & Head Coach, Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Solutions
  • Jimmy Mitchell, Sustainability Engineer, Skanska
  • Axel Connards, President Midwest Region, Lehigh Hanson
Credit: Infosys