Hilti’s Eric Hollister to Discuss Exoskeletons on September’s Construction Machines Analyst Call


All videos and Images Courtesy of Hilti


Earlier this year, Hilti officially introduced, the EXO-01, wearable exoskeleton with a focus on tackling health and safety as well as labor shortage challenges. In particular, with EXO-01, Hilti is focused on overhead activities. The EXO-01 was developed in partnership with Ottobock, the global leader in prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons that help people increase and retain their physical independence, and Hilti is promising to make the tool, just the first of its line of human augmentation devices.

Adding human augmentation to smart equipment, robotics, cobotics, 3d printers, and other growing segments, there is a lot to explore in terms of advances in machinery in construction. Collectively, these advances in construction machines offer a promise of safer and more productive projects, with healthier workforces able to work longer with less wear and tear on their own bodies.

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We have seen significant industry excitement around the introduction of exoskeletons to the industry before, but Hilti may be better suited to succeed in the market than prior players. Beyond deep financial resources, Hilti brings distribution muscle, technical support infrastructure, and an intimate understanding of the tools and processes it is working to improve.

Already, the Hilti exoskeleton shows promise compared to earlier industry-focused exoskeletons that were heavier and bulkier. We tested an earlier version of an exoskeleton for construction at our first Machines Conference back in 2017, and, while the concept clearly resonated, we saw craftspeople struggle with the weight of the equipment and also the maneuverability. Hilti's lighter weight application seems to address these issues and perhaps allows to draw inferences about the trajectory of the sub sector.

On our next Machines analyst call, September 30th, we look forward to the opportunity to visit with Eric Hollister, Hilti, Sr. Director Marketing, Electric Tools & Accessories to learn more about the EXO-01 Exoskeleton, and to discuss the past, present, and future of human augmentation in the construction industry with one of the leading players in the field.