Interconnectivity: The Backbone of Budding Smart Cities

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Smart Cities across the globe are implementing groundbreaking connectivity technologies to reimagine the way our cities are built and maintained. As we advance into a new era of Smart Cities and technology, it is essential for businesses and leaders to adapt to keep up with the growing need for modernized solutions. Join us Wednesday, June 23rd at 10 am CT with Smart City Works founder Bob Mazer and Carr Properties’ Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Ilan Zachar as they explore how their two distinct companies utilize and promote innovative smart city technology.


The Age of Smart Cities

As urbanization rapidly increases, the United Nations expects that by 2050 greater than two-thirds of the global population will reside in urban areas. With the current­—almost exponential—population growth rate, roughly seven billion people will be living in and around the world’s metropolises. This influx presents a looming challenge that cities must overcome to ensure humanity’s future prosperity. Cities have to become smart–adopting state-of-the-art technologies that improve their planning and management will allow them to do so.

Interconnectivity, the backbone of Smart Cities, is one area where novel advancements continue to sprout. For example, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), a network of physical entities—streetlights, phones, cameras, etc.—embedded with sensors and software, allows cities and businesses to relay vital data and create statistical models instantaneously. From traffic congestion to energy regulation to business management, IoT technology has implications across all aspects of Smart Cities.

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The adoption of connectivity technology—such as IoT software—by cities and businesses has been a sluggish process; however, many leaders across various industries are taking the initiative. Carr Properties is one business at the forefront of ConnectTech usage. Across their portfolio, Carr Properties is applying a digital business design program that allows them to connect building to building. The network includes base building monitors, environmental systems, and IoT devices, enabling Carr to optimize building management from one centralized platform. Leading companies such as Carr Properties are essential components of Smart Cities, helping thrust us into the new age of cities.

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On another side of ConnectTech, companies like Smart City Works are helping to promote new technology through venture opportunities. Their work is essential for the ultimate need of urbanization, as the promotion of rising technology companies leads to drastically increased innovation and implementation. Without leaders such as Smart City Works, the status quo of city and business operation may never evolve into what is necessary for the advancement of human society.

Ultimately, investing in new Smart City technologies will help solve the challenges of urbanization seen on the horizon. As more cities and businesses implement these advanced solutions, the built world will continue to develop into a more interconnected space, operating at peak efficiency.

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“The growth of internet services and data-intensive applications has increased exponentially over the past 10 years and is expected to grow even faster in coming years. This growth in data consumption can in large part be attributed to increasing demand for more advanced data-rich technologies and applications often grouped under the name ‘4th industrial revolution’ (4IR).”

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