Revolutionizing Fleet Management: Insights from Global Innovators

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Our March 27 analyst call, part of an ongoing series of seven Tools, Equipment, and Robotics-focused sessions slated for 2024, explored into a pivotal aspect of the AEC industry: fleet management. During this session, members had the opportunity to learn from two global industry leaders pioneering innovative equipment and fleet-tracking solutions.

Louis Petros, Head of Alliances and Partnerships at Hiboo, provided valuable perspectives on Hiboo's comprehensive fleet management platform, accompanied by a live demonstration. Hiboo is a platform tailored for the management and analysis of heavy equipment data. Acting as a central nexus, Hiboo facilitates seamless connectivity for contractors engaged in fleet management and monitoring endeavors. The platform consolidates vehicle data from various equipment and technologies into a singular, centralized repository for streamlined analysis and administration.

Bhargav Shah, Vice President of Business Development at Tenderd, highlighted the key functionalities of the Tenderd product—an integrated platform designed to optimize costs, enhance utilization, bolster safety, and promote sustainability. With its versatile range of applications, Tenderd empowers users to prioritize their own company's core objectives. From tracking fuel consumption and utilization to scheduling maintenance, the platform offers multifaceted benefits. Additionally, it facilitates safety monitoring and efficient route planning, catering to diverse operational needs.

Following the product presentations, BuiltWorlds members got the chance to ask the speakers questions about their products and the future of fleet management. The conversation focused on two main use cases of both Hiboo and Tenderd’s platforms, sustainability and safety. The speakers provided examples of customer applications in these key areas.

What's next?

  • BuiltWorlds will be actively covering equipment fleet management technologies within our Tools, Equipment and Robotics research track. Stay tuned for a tech specialty report specific to fleet management and monitoring set to release in August.
  • Are you a contractor using a fleet management solution? Fill out our Tools, Equipment, and Robotics Survey to share your insights.