SafeAI, Vita Inclinata, BeeInventor to Discuss On-site Tech for Workforce and Fleet Safety

The construction industry consistently faces the challenges of worksite injuries and fatalities. Our recent article notes that despite some improvement in reducing injury rates, fatality rates have remained consistent for the past decade. Advanced vehicle fleets may improve overall site productivity, but can add another risk to the jobsite. According to OSHA, a high risk on jobsites involves workers being struck by objects that were swinging, falling, or misplaced. These objects include vehicles and malfunctioning equipment.

However, there are solutions emerging in the market that can combat these risks. BuiltWorlds’ Feb. 28 Tools, Equipment & Robotics analyst call will feature speakers from three companies that are on the forefront of innovating equipment safety within the construction industry:

Cynthia Brosque, Product Manager at SafeAI will discuss how contractors can achieve safe construction fleets without investing in new vehicles. SafeAI offers a solution that allows owners of heavy equipment to transform their construction vehicles into autonomous fleets by using the company’s retrofit autonomous vehicle hardware kit. This innovative approach enhances site safety by eliminating human involvement in the operation.

SafeAI equipment on site
Source: SafeAI.

Casey Savlov, Executive Vice President, Industrial from Vita Inclinata will join us to speak on Vita Industrial, which creates intelligent lifting solutions that significantly enhance control, capability and safety of lifting operations, helping projects work safer, lift faster and reduce costs. Savlov said that after using the equipment, a 30-year veteran from the field at a major GC told the company, "'This has probably been one of the only things that I've seen come out that has increased productivity letting us work faster and safer all at the same time.'”

Source: Vita Inclinata
Source: Vita Inclinata

Harry Chan, CEO of BeeInventor, an IoT company with a suite of construction safety solutions, will join us to feature the company’s Dastrack solution. Dastrack is a collision avoidance detector that combines ultra-wideband technology with the company's smart helmet, Dasloop, to alert workers of nearby vehicles and prevent collisions.

Diagram of safety feature on worksite
Source: BeeInventor.

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