What Will It Take To Re-Occupy Urban Hot Spots?

As the world continues to restabilize on the heels of COVID-19, the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sector is continuing to combat the lingering effects of the global pandemic. Namely, with the rise of hybrid and remote work, in addition to altered leasing, investment, and financing patterns, CRE companies are working to counter atypical vacancy rates, especially in urban metropolises.

Today’s Tenant Services / User Experience-focused Analyst Call will explore how innovative technologies can empower landlords, property managers, owners, and the like to take control of their data, increase visibility, cost-effectively increase occupancy, and, ultimately, help to drive efficiency savings long-term. In an ecosystem that is increasingly digitally connected, the group will hear from two leading real-estate software platforms and an amenities management and consulting service regarding their products & offerings, ways we can leverage customer data, what the latest trends are, and best practices for your real estate.

Additional Topics To Be Covered:

  • How data can be used to add value based on human tendencies
  • Explore where real-estate solutions factor into new construction/developments
  • The role of office-to-residential conversions in combatting high vacancy rates
  • Challenges the built environment faces daily
  • How people and technology fit into the occupancy equation
  • Future market predictions

About The Companies:

cove: At cove, we build a one-stop-shop technology platform that transforms your building experience. We sit at the intersection of owners, operators, and tenants, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their physical space. This is the modern experience — register guests, book amenities, lease flex office space and submit work orders — all from the palm of your hand.

HqO: HqO is leading the transformation of the way people experience real estate by converging data, technology, and the customer. Empowering data-driven strategies and real estate decisions, we're redefining the way people experience space, and in turn, helping to create vibrant, engaging communities.

Arch Amenities Group: Arch Amenities Group is a leading provider of amenities management and consulting services for commercial and residential properties including hotels, spas, meetings and events, private clubs, and recreation spaces worldwide. By creating bespoke, in-demand spaces for our partners to increase a sense of well-being for their valued customers, our solutions are lasting and innovative by design. We craft, activate and optimize places for self-care and the discovery of thoughtful amenities and practical comforts. Maximizing key square footage and transforming it into usable, energized spaces where people want to be.