Analyst Call–Building Technology: Smart Cities of the Future

This smart cities analyst call unpacks a comprehensive exploration of real estate technology solutions–specifically their role in making well-informed decisions for optimal locations. Sean Wrenn, a BuiltWorlds Research Analyst, facilitated the call that featured Sara Maffey, Head of Corporate Strategy, Local Logic; and James Blackwood, CRO, Giraffe. Within the call were insights on streamlining data sets and efficiently using evolving technologies such as generative AI solutions like ChatGPT to further implement sustainable practices in urban developments within the built ecosystem. This will then connect to addressing what can be done to ensure the production of smarter and more innovative cities. 

There is a plethora of data that is accessible right now when developing cities that will only continue to improve and expand in the coming years. Forming the foundation has never had as much ammunition in terms of data, making the future of smart cities much closer than many have anticipated.

“I think that where we are right now in terms of the future of cities is recognizing that paradigm shift that we don’t have to just accept that it is what it is–all stakeholders involved can make more informed decisions… When I think of future cities I think of a bunch of stakeholders who are making much more informed data-driven decisions about all of the details that make up the ecosystem of a city.” Sara Maffey, Local Logic

While humans continue to evolve the built ecosystem, it is important to utilize the tools and technologies that can increase productivity, accessibility, and innovation. Data sets associated with smart cities can be an influx of information, so utilizing new and innovative tech as a tool to simplify data is key.

“In my mind all of this technology actually elevates the human being; it elevates thinking as opposed to replacing it…I don’t think that this technology will change the fundamental nature of how people live in cities, but I do think that it will reduce a lot of the fluff and empower the consumer.” James Blackwood, Giraffe