BuiltWorlds Session: Eric Lamb, Director, DPR Construction

Eric Lamb, Director at DPR Construction and takes time to sit with us at the 2022 Americas Summit that took place this past September in Chicago, IL. Lamb was at the Americas Summit representing WND Ventures – the Venture Investment arm of DPR Construction.

Lamb says that DPR is growing increasingly excited over their ability to start to implement and integrate technology onto the jobsites and directly into the field to improve productivity and ultimate bring increased value to their costumers.

Over the last two years, Lamb continued, there has been increased focus and building excitement around the idea of automation into the technology they are seeing being brought into their work flow. This includes the company making investments into robotics companies as well as automated fabrication technologies.

Lamb says that he feels one of the lesser understood technologies in the industry is the idea of BIM and implementing BIM into the work flows of contractors. Lamb says that although a lot of companies do implement some level of BIM or Digital Twin tech, there are multiple levels of depth to the technology and there should be an understanding of those levels and it shouldn’t all be thrown into the same bucket.

Lamb will be joining us at the 2023 Venture West Conference taking place March 21-22 in San Francisco to speak on a panel that will be highlighting the current state of strategic investors within the built world ecosystem. He will be joined by fellow panelists; Cutler Knupp from Haskell, Gonzalo Galindo from Cemex Ventures, Prabhakar Karris from Andersen, and Jennifer Marcus from Home Depot.

Tickets are currently being limited to BuiltWorlds Members. However, you can place yourself on a waiting list to be considered when and if tickets are opened to non-member companies as well. For more information regarding Venture West, head over to our landing page now where you can find additional speakers as well as our agenda for the 2-day event.