BuiltWorlds Session: Javed Singha, Co-Founder & President, Fieldwire

Javed Singha, Co-Founder & President at Fieldwire, sat down with our interview team at this past year’s Americas Summit in Chicago, IL to talk about what’s most exciting him in his business as well as what he considers to be one of the least understood topics in the construction industry today – BIM.

Singha reveals that the most exciting thing happening at Fieldwire to him right now is the launching of new project management modules that will build upon the field management modules that Fieldwire is known for. Alongside that effort, the company is also doing a large global go to market push with Hilti. So to him, it’s a combination of new products and expansion of existing projects.

Singha continues the interview by saying that he considers BIM or Building Information Modeling to be a poorly understood concept industry-wide. He explains that although many people look at BIM as a needed resource in their project workflow, they may not fully understand what BIM is and what it can accomplish.

He hopes that the industry continued to push for more collaboration in order to grow the industry as a whole.

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