BuiltWorlds Session: Jeff Ouyang, UFP Industries


Jeff Ouyang is the Director of Innovation at UFP Industries, Ouyang joined us in Chicago at the BuiltWorlds’ Americas Summit where he shared what innovations he is focused on and where he sees the AEC Venture community headed. In the video, Ouyang touched on his excitement surrounding the expansion of UFP’s outdoor products and tools, the integration of technology adoption throughout the industry and the potential for progress due to that adoption.

UFP Industries is a holding company whose operating subsidiaries – UFP Industrial, UFP Construction and UFP Retail Solutions – manufacture, distribute and sell a wide variety of products used in residential and commercial construction, packaging and industrial applications. Founded in 1955, the company has operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ouyang will also be joining us at our Venture East Conference in Miami, FL., where he will participate in a panel discussing innovation in materials, and how new expectations have accelerated the need for newer, better materials alongside Adam Jaffe, Senior Engineer, ARUP; and Tim Sperry, CEO, Carbon Limit. You can register for the November 14-16th conference and view full agenda with speakers and registered attendees click here.

UFP Industries joined our Venture Forum earlier this year and have since been extremely active within our venture community. The Venture Forum provides a space for the industry’s leading strategic players to meet in an intimate peer-to-peer setting. Venture Forum members have access to research like the Venture Dashboard that showcases live deal flow updates and Start-Up Profiles, that allow these industry leaders to make informed investing decisions through our or analyst team’s research and evaluations; monthly meetings that host demo days featuring emerging start ups in the construction technology sphere; and many more enriching venture-related opportunities. To learn more about the Venture Forum offerings and how to get involved, click here.