BuiltWorlds Session: Matthew Hudelson, Founder/CEO, Inertia

Matthew Hudelson, Founder & CEO of Inertia sat down with us at the 2022 Venture West Conference to give us some perspective on not only what his company has in store, but also what he’s most excited about industry-wide.

Inertia Systems specialized in intelligent construction drawings (ICDs) which allows people on every aspect of a construction project to access the data about the project quickly and collaboratively which allows the teams to make informed decisions faster and with more data. With so many moving parts on construction sites, it can be hard to have a coordinated effort between various departments involved in the project. Inertia allows companies to streamlines communication efforts by housing the information in the same place. Thus helping companies reduce the amount of miscommunications that can easily take place and set project delivery behind and over budget.

Aside from his activity around Inertia and helping the construction industry communicate more clearly and efficiently, Hudelson also discusses his excitements towards AI and robotics and how he sees that as an important area within the ecosystem to keep an eye on.

Hudelson will be joining BuiltWorlds at our 2022 Venture East Conference in Miami, FL on November 15-16. The panel will focus on “The Need for Speed” when it comes to early-stage funding rounds for tech startups in the space. Hudelson will be joined on this panel by fellow entrepreneurs; Omar Ghazzaoui, Co-Founder & CEO of Vos Systems and Chloe Smith, CEO & Founder of Mercator AI to dive deep into the topic of what it takes to survive and make the most out of early round funding. The conference will take a look not only at early stage investing, but also dive more into later-stage funding as well as corporate and strategic investments as well.

To get more information on Venture East or to register for the event, click here.  Be sure to check back as we continue to add more speakers and will soon be adding a full agenda as well as information about pre-events that will take place on November 14th in the Miami area.

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