BuiltWorlds Session: Morgan Hays, Sr. Vice President – Product, ALICE Technologies

Morgan Hays, Sr. Vice President - Product at ALICE Technologies sat down with us on day two of the 2023 Construction Tech Conference that took place this past July in Chicago, IL. From it's start almost 9 years ago, ALICE Technologies has been changing the way that stakeholders create schedules around their construction projects. For years, schedules have essentially been a one dimensional task-based exercise that has lent itself to a lot of issues that tend to result in changes throughout the lifecycle which ultimately results in overrun of time and budget. ALICE Technologies us using AI and other technology to help break the cycle and allow people to create schedules based on a wider set of information than they've had access to before.

Hays also mentions his excitement  towards recent developments in AI - which, in turn, could help ALICE's scheduling software become even more robust as owners, and contractors would be able to feed even more historical and detailed data sets into the schedule to assist in providing an accurate, parameter-based, scheduling.

ALICE Technologies will be hosting a reception at our upcoming 2023 Americas Summit on September 19 at Willis Tower in Chicago, IL. The reception is open to a any Summit attendee and you can register for the reception here.

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