BuiltWorlds Sessions: Melissa Marsh, Executive Director, PLASTARC

Melissa Marsh is a dedicated professional whose career is driven by a deep passion for Workplace Strategy and Change Management services. Throughout her illustrious journey, she has consistently sought innovative ways to fuse social and organizational design with real estate strategy, architecture, and workplace planning on a global scale. Her work revolves around leveraging workspace environments to not only inform corporate culture but also elevate the overall employee experience. With a rich background spanning North America and Europe, Melissa has worked closely with pioneering clients, delivering cutting-edge workplace solutions and seamlessly integrating physical and virtual work practices.

PLASTARC, founded by Melissa Marsh, is a leading consultancy committed to enhancing the adaptability and appeal of spaces through rigorous social research and occupant engagement. Their unique approach combines data analysis with high-touch engagement methods, enabling organizations to achieve significant cultural benefits. Beyond traditional workplace strategy elements like visioning, interviews, surveys, observation, and workshops, PLASTARC places a strong emphasis on innovative tools for assessing distinctive workplace conditions and exploring ‘no build’ options. They also offer Change Leadership support, helping clients facilitate broader organizational changes through flexible working solutions and providing site-specific training and education.

In her recent interview at the Construction Tech Conference, Melissa Marsh delved into the pivotal role of technology in shaping the construction industry. The conference itself is a comprehensive platform designed to examine how technology is revolutionizing the construction sector, spanning from pre-construction planning to in-field operations. This dynamic event brings together tech visionaries, established solution providers, and emerging tech innovators to explore the latest industry trends and advancements. Melissa shared her insights on how these technological developments intersect with her expertise in workplace strategy, highlighting the impact of technology on optimizing the built environment. Her discussion at the conference underscored the critical role technology plays in reshaping construction practices and its profound implications for the future of workspaces.