BuiltWorlds US Summit 2021 Sessions: Staci Webber, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions

Autodesk has been a leading technology provider in the design and architecture industry for over three decades. Since the inception of AutoCAD in the mid-1980’s, the company has taken a critical role in leading the charge to bring emerging technologies to the entire building lifecycle – even after construction is complete.

Staci Webber, Customer Success Manager for the AutoDesk Construction Cloud, talks during the BuiltWorlds 2021 Summit about the company’s push to break down the barriers that have separated the various stages of construction for decades. 

Staci comes to Autodesk after working at Pype, a cloud-based solutions provider that automates construction project management workflows, that was acquired by Autodesk in 2020. The acquisition of Pype has allowed Autodesk to implement the following services into construction workflows and provides added strength to the bridge between Autodesk historic leadership in project planning and design and the construction phase of projects where acquisitions of companies like Plangrid and BuildingConnected have also strengthened Autodesk’s hand:

  • AutoSpecs – allowing construction pros to generate submittal logs in minutes
  • Closeout – creates a centralized dashboard and automated closeout document collection
  • eBinder – converts hundreds of closeouts document into an indexed, hyperlinked, and searchable file
  • SmartPlans – takes drawings and extracts submittals, schedules, and contract compliance needs

Staci also mentions the importance of companies who are adopting these newer technologies to properly invest in the continued education and proper training within their organizations to ensure the end-users are fully-capable of leveraging the technology to its maximum potential.