BuiltWorlds Session: Matthew Curry, Head of Product, Avvir

On Day 1 of ConTech, we sat down with Matt Curry, Head of Product at Avvir, to talk about his role at the New York software development company, the current go-ons of the AEC industry, and more.

For Curry, he believes that the construction technology industry is being gradually more collaborative, which is to the benefit of many modern day problems of disconnectivity. He also speaks to the increasingly more accessible use of reality capture technology, which can help provide insights into the work site and prevent problems when they’re happening.

 Join us at Construction Tech in Chicago in June to hear Matt’s coworker, Kyle Johnson, Director of Solutions Engineering at Avvir who will be part of a panel titled, “Reality Capture: What is the Real Opportunity Today?” for a discussion about the various reality capture companies that are currently in the market and where the technology is headed next. 

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