What is BuiltWorlds?

BuiltWorlds is a professional network fueling the conversation on emerging technology and new approaches in buildings and infrastructure. Our community of the industry’s leading companies, hottest startups, and most respected thought leaders is united by a common interest: Driving innovation in the built world.

We embrace technology. More than that, we're incredibly excited about the latest technology, excited to test it, experiment with it and leverage it to transform our industry.

Through our groundbreaking events, data-driven research, member network, and original written and video content, BuiltWorlds is providing the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and connections to grow careers, companies, and the industry.

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But really, what does BuiltWorlds do?



Legitimately fun. The best speakers. High energy. All the right people. BuiltWorlds Events are not what you’d expect from a typical industry event. We host more than 60 events year, from intimate member-only meet-ups to an exclusive 3-day gathering for the built industry’s most innovative CEOs.


Industry News

You’re not the only one who thinks trade publications are stale. BuiltWorlds is not big corporate media. We’re not a trade publication. We’re just a group of people united by, enthusiastic for, even fanatical about, a common interest: Driving innovation in the world of buildings and infrastructure. Through our original written and video content, we’re starting conversations that are provocative, yet critical.



Cutting-edge R&D is not always easy. That’s why, here at BuiltWorlds, we want to make sure our community stays on top of fast-moving trends with easy access to the most relevant research and opportunities to test out the hottest technologies.



Information. Connections. Reach. People come to BuiltWorlds because of our innovative, tech-forward, industry-specific community. As a BuiltWorlds Member, you’ll tap into a wealth of benefits across our platform, from tickets to all our events to sponsored content to exclusive research opportunities.


" BuiltWorlds delivers a high ROI through its robust network and timely technology insights. The team’s expertise and Member Portal have given us the ability to connect directly with key stakeholders and decision makers to increase our client list and help us create a lasting footprint in the built space industry. "

– Marielle Lafaire, machineQ (a Comcast service)

" I tried to talk myself out of attending the conference. Thank God I didn't. Within minutes of arriving I knew one thing, the BuiltWorlds conference was going to bring a hell of a lot more value than most. Well done! "

– Ray Antonino, PermitZone

" BuiltWorlds has been instrumental in connecting IngeniousIO with the right people at the right time.  I was initially told this was a difficult industry to penetrate, but I find with our relationship, it has been the complete opposite. "

– Nick Carter, CEO, IngeniousIO

BuiltWorlds bridges the gap between technology and the built industry. And it’s working. We’re opening our eyes to opportunities we never saw before.

– Steve Crowley, Graycor

" I love this because you're pushing people to think not just smarter, but bigger. Not a lot of industry organizations challenge leaders like this.

– Jonathan Z., Real Estate Executive, Chicago

That's cool but a lot of people do those things. What sets BuiltWorlds apart?


Short answer? The people in our community

We're not kidding when we say our community includes some of the most innovative and forward-thinking minds in the built industry. You'll find yourself a home in our community if you're:

  • Serious about the latest tech: Drones, AR/VR, IoT tools, the list goes on. Our members are always scouting for and experimenting with the hottest new tech on the market.
  • Eager to embrace change: It's not enough to just go gaga for the latest gadgets. Our members are actively looking for ways to implement and leverage these technologies to build smarter, faster and more profitable companies.
  • Hungry to network: Being a lone wolf in today’s world is not a winning formula. Our members are looking for kindred spirits who understand that the future of the built industry will be driven by technology.

Wow, count me in! How do I get involved?


Become a BuiltWorlds Member

Looking for the easiest way to get involved in BuiltWorlds? Become a BuiltWorlds Member and you’ll tap into a wealth of benefits across our platform, from tickets to all our events to sponsored content to exclusive research opportunities.


Explore BuiltWorlds Events

Want to get a taste of BuiltWorlds? Check out our coming events! The digital movement is important, but there’s no substitute for building relationships in person. BuiltWorlds Events are how you get connected with the major players from around the industry.


Chat with BuiltWorlds staff

Intrigued by BuiltWorlds but still have more questions? Our team is here to help! Drop an email to partnerships@builtworlds.com and we'll connect you with a BuiltWorlds staff member who can help figure out how to make BuiltWorlds work best for you.