D-Shape Enterprises

About D-Shape Enterprises

The D-Shape printer enables full-size sandstone buildings to be made through our large-scale CNC machine.

Existing materials such as reinforced concrete and masonry are expensive and inflexible for many complex geometries. D-Shape adds thin layers of binder to stone aggregates at predetermined slices, this gradual build up of layers allows complex and internal geometries to be fabricated easily. The design process remains similar to existing 3D printing technologies, now possible on a larger construction scale.

D-Shape has been designed to compete with cement, reinforced concrete, bricks and stone,  now focussing on digital design and natural ecological materials.

Key Facts

Established: 2012
Employees: Unknown
Type: Architecture, Planning & Design
Markets: Unknown
Headquarters: Unknown
Sectors: Unknown
Total Revenue: Unknown
Affiliated Companies: Unknown

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