San Francisco Member Meet-Up


8.25.2022 5:30PM - 7:30PM


Il Casaro 348 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA

Since 2015, BuiltWorlds has been bringing together members of the buildings and infrasructure industry’s innovation ecosystem in intimate settings around the world through our Meet-Ups. As the BuiltWorlds Community grows, member meet-ups are a great way for members to get to know one another better, compare notes on the latest developments in the industry, and update on what is happening in the network.  As the Bay Area is one of our biggest member communities, we are excited to take this opportunity to bring together our members in the region. The Bay Area is also home to our largest conference outside of Chicago, our Venture West Conference.

At this Meet-Up, Members will also have a chance to meet with and hear from Daniel Laboe, BuiltWorlds’ Director of Venture Analytics, for the latest in Venture News and Analytics as well as updates on our upcoming Built World Venture conferences.

This event is open to all BuiltWorlds Members. No tickets, necessary. Reach out to to get more information on membership options. Members can register using the form below:

This is a BuiltWorlds Member-Only Event

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