2021 Building Tech 50 List

Welcome to the 2021 Building Tech 50! This list features leading companies in the landscape of the smart building, with each offering innovative solutions in the areas of asset management, high-performance materials, HVAC and energy systems, interiors, lighting, mobility, real estate tech, tenant services, and modular systems. From connected sensors to analytics platforms, solar panels, smart lights, modular furniture, and more, these solutions are pushing the boundaries of how buildings are designed, built, operated, and maintained.

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1Spot Tech

Property & Facility Management Software that allows your team to manage real-time property repairs and asset management by location, bids, expenses and contractors.


AkitaBox is a cloud-based facility management software that delivers intuitive and connected solutions for built environments. AkitaBox provides instant access to vital facility and asset data that help improve efficiency, reduce risk, and provide greater insights into mission-critical operations.

Comments from AkitaBox (Awards Won)

"Healthcare Tech Exceptional Facility Management Software (2021). INC 500 fastest-growing private companies (2020). FacilitiesNet Vision Awards (2020). CIO Review 20 Most Promising Facilities Management Solution Providers (2019). BUILD Facility Management Award for Most Client-Focused Firm (2017 & 2018). BUILD Facility Management Awards for Best Institutional Facility Management (2017)."


Enertiv is a connected SaaS platform that brings together modern software tools to digitize operations and provide real-time visibility into the performance of critical infrastructure for commercial real estate portfolios. With Enertiv, owners and operators can ensure that on-site teams are operating buildings at peak performance while gaining transparency into maintenance, energy efficiency, capital planning, tenant billing, the indoor environment, and more.

Comments from Enertiv (Awards Won)

"Enertiv was named the #1 Most Fundable Company in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2020 and has won numerous awards related to operations and maintenance and smart building technology."


Facilitator of digital twins using laser scanning, photogrammetry, computer vision and artificial intelligence.


Homebase offers apps built for residents, managers and owners of multi family units. IoT integration automates building management and engagement through: WIFI & IoT networks, Smart Locks/Building Access, Smart Climate, Smart Lighting, Energy Management, Voice Control, Smart Appliances, and Package Delivery


Igor provides commercial buildings the ability to bring all IoT systems together for hassle-free communication with it open, standards-based platform, Nexos, which leverages proven Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. Igor's platform enables intelligent control over building systems across spaces of all sizes and uses.

Comments from Igor (Awards Won)

"In August 2020, Igor's Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution won the IoT World COVID-19 Innovation Award. The award recognizes companies that demonstrate true innovation in notable ways to adapt to COVID-19.  For the second time in two years, Igor received global recognition for its innovative products in February 2020. Igor took home a 2020 Sapphire Award in the category of Emergency SSL Luminaires, Modules, and Drivers for its Nexos Linear Network Node."


Willow enables the digital transformation of the built world through digital twin technologies.

Comments from Willow


Energy Vault

Energy Vault is a Swiss-based, global technology company and creator of the world’s first economical, utility-scale gravity-based energy storage system (GESS) that is not dependent on land topography or underground geology.

Comments from Energy Vault (Awards Won)

"Since the formal public launch of the company in 2018, Energy Vault has been awarded the 2020 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, 2020 Red Herring Award UK, 2019 Fast Company - World Changing Ideas, Energy Category Winner, 2019 CERAWeek - Class of Energy Innovation Pioneers Award, 2019 Executive Leadership Award – Innovation - Lugano, Switzerland CH, 2019 IDA Technology Award, Dubai UAE - Water Desalination Plants 24/7 Renewable, 2019 Time Magazine – List of Top Transformations the World needs by 2050."


Buildings use Gridium to navigate the energy transition by improving efficiency, financing retrofits, and streamlining operations. All told, the company directly serves about 300 million square feet of buildings across the United States, and with Gridium, these buildings save millions of dollars on electricity, gas, and water utility bills, reduce their carbon emissions, and data-drive their sustainable operations.

Comments from Gridium (Awards Won)

"Ranked in JMP Securities' Efficient Fifty analysis, for the second year in a row. Featured in KBS' digital magazine for useful AI."


GridPoint is a smart building technology innovator transforming the way businesses and utilities use energy. GridPoint aims to accelerate the world's transition to a sustainable energy future.

Comments from GridPoint (Awards Won)

"Frost & Sullivan 2020 Global Energy Management Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.  GridPoint has also recently been identified as one of the fastest-growing companies in the DC area, this award to be announced in late March."

Hatch Data

The Hatch Data platform collects, organizes, and analyzes data from utility bills, streaming from commodity meters, sub-meters, building automation systems, work order platforms, market data, weather services, and other third-party systems to inform diagnostics, prediction, and response planning. The software provides operators with a top-down set of indicators and benchmarks to assess relative performance as well as bottom-up granular recommendations to improve performance through operational changes, including low and no-cost measures.

Radiator Labs

The Radiator Labs system turns existing radiators into smart and energy efficient heating systems with room-by-room temperature control, offering savings of up to 35% in fuel costs.



BamCore Delivers a Stronger, Faster, Greener Method of Building Residential & Commercial Construction. They use nature’s strongest and fastest growing structural fiber—timber bamboo—to deliver a customized, code-compliant wall system that is redefining the low-rise built environment.

Comments from BamCore

"We have been repeatedly selected and recognized both for our use of engineering bamboo-wood hybrids and for mobilization of industrialized construction techniques to speed the build while eliminating the waste.  In 2020, we were named by CleanTech Group as one of "50 to Watch" for our decabonizing use of innovative materials and methods."


Carbicrete offers concrete makers the process, materials and support to produce higher-quality concrete that uses no cement, costs less to make and reduces their carbon footprint.

Comments from CarbiCrete (Awards Won)

"Carbon XPRIZE finalist, 2020 Global Cleantech 100 Company, World Finance Sustainability Awards 2020: Most Sustainable Company in Building Technology Industry, 2019 MIT Solve Finalist, CEMEX Ventures Construction Startup Competition."

Concrete Sensors

Concrete Sensors allows for the monitoring of concrete strength, temperature, and relative humidity.

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NEXT Energy Technologies

NEXT Energy has developed windows that contain transparent photovoltaic coatings printed on glass which transform UV & IR light into electricity. Their current product aims to provide seamless integration into windows and eliminate the encapsulation costs of traditional solar energy.

Comments from NEXT Energy

"We're a team of technologists and innovators who figured out how to make solar energy beautiful (hint: make it invisible). A market-enabling energy solution for net-zero buildings that is better for the planet, more profitable for glass and window manufacturers, and cost-effective for owners and developers."


ROOM's first product, the soundproof phone booth, is engineered with 60% recycled plastic bottles, and provides a smart, affordable solution for open office plans around the world.

View Inc.

View Dynamic Glass offers intelligent, electrochromic windows that automatically tint to maximize natural light, reduce heat and glare, and provide unobstructed views.


at HUM

AI interior designer for property developers and rental managers.


Falkbuilt is digitizing interior construction. Digital Component Construction is a new process that incorporates tried and true construction components and methods with next-gen technology. Falkbuilt uses fewer materials, speeds up the schedule and eliminates waste on the job site. Because components are digitized, there’s no pile of garbage at the end and no need for bins or tipping fees at the landfill.


Ossia’s flagship technology is Cota Real Wireless Power, a patented, award-winning technology designed to deliver power over-the-air, without cables, charging pads, or line-of-sight. Cota technology can deliver meaningful power to many devices at the same time, in motion, at a considerable distance, safely and efficiently.

PlanIT Impact

PlanIT Impact is a sustainable design web application for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. The app introduces costs and ROI associated with high performance building and landscaping strategies during early design phases and preconstruction, leveraging a mass iteration discovery tool that runs hundreds of scenarios in seconds to provide recommendations on energy, water, stormwater, and transportation efficiencies.

Source (Formerly krowdsourced)

Order samples from 400+ brands, all fulfilled by your local rep. Source experts will help you find niche products. Explore interior and exterior finish materials in physical libraries.

Comments from Source

"Source has over 25 million curated and standardized product data points for 150,000 products with exportable photos and technical documentation. New products and data is added daily from 1,900+ brands."



LIFX is innovating new ways to bring you simplicity and sophistication in how you light your home. The LIFX range now includes downlights, bulbs and feature lights, available in over 80 countries.


LumiFi is a smart home lighting and lifestyle app that combines the use of emerging WiFi LED Bulb technology with the creative expertise of award-winning high-end hospitality and ultra-luxury residential lighting designers.


Nanoleaf is a technology and IoT company offering innovative smart home solutions, with a strong focus on LED and lighting technologies.


Signify serves professional and consumer markets, transforming urban spaces, communities, work places, stadiums, buildings, shopping malls and homes. Their products, systems and services help customers to maximize energy use, drive efficiencies and deliver new experiences and services.


WiZ Connected is an IoT technology company based in Hong Kong, with an international team of highly skilled software developers, firmware and backend engineers. Over 50 lighting vendors around the world are WiZifying hundreds of lighting fixtures. With these partners, the WiZ team builds a connected light ecosystem, benefiting both end users and enterprises.



B-Line passively collects users’ mobility patterns through mobile devices generating real-time transportation reporting on users’ trip time, duration, distance, purpose, and mode.

Comments from B-Line (Awards Won)

"We have been listed amongst the top PropTech companies in Canada by KPMG Real Estate Innovations 2021 report as well as 2020 PropTech in Canada report released earlier this year. B-Line is currently working with the Federal Government of Canada to assist government employees over the coming months."


ChargePoint is an electric vehicle infrastructure company based in Campbell, California. ChargePoint operates the largest online network of independently owned EV charging stations operating in 14 countries and makes the technology used in it.


KONE is a global leader in elevator and escalator industry. KONE makes people's journeys safe, convenient and reliable, in taller, smarter buildings.


Parkaze is an online community where people can host and rent privately owned parking spots.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Limited is a pioneering technology innovator and service company in the parking industry.


Coeo Space

Coeo uses a custom match scoring algorithm to join people and teams with space by matching the amenities they desire with available spaces in the areas they select.


A PadSplit is a home or apartment that is divided into separate furnished bedrooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The weekly membership dues include utilities, laundry and wireless internet.


SimpleNexus enables loan origination through mobile devices.

View The Space (VTS)

VTS is commercial real estate’s leading leasing and asset management platform, bringing together landlords, brokers, and tenants to make deals happen.

Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes is a revolutionary home building platform that makes buying and designing new homes simple and more affordable.


Join Digital

Join is a customizable digital services solution designed for the needs of today’s commercial buildings, flexible offices and digital workspaces. From high-performance internet, to secure and scalable digital and cloud services, Join delivers a secure, all-in-one technology infrastructure and modern digital experience.

Comments from Join (Awards Won)

"2019 Realcomm Digie Award for Best Tech Innovation Intelligent Buildings"


Latch is a full-building access system for the multifamily building: providing residents and property managers with convenience, flexibility, and security.

Mobile Doorman

Mobile Doorman is the industry-leading custom-branded apartment app maker for multifamily communities across the United States.

SMS Assist

SMS Assist is revolutionizing multisite property management. They offer a technology platform solution for all maintenance needs.


Soloinsight's CloudGate platform is designed to connect and manage both physical and logical identities, as well as credentials of employees, visitors, contractors, vendors, and drivers, CloudGate unites global identities to provide a centralized Physical & Identity Access Management (PIAM) platform founded with compliance and continuous risk assessment in mind.

Comments from Soloinsight (Awards Won)

"Winner of the Gold Award for most Innovative Technology at "PSEB IT Awards 2016.  Winner of the 18th annual Chicago Innovation Awards out of 450 nominations."



Boxabl is a reimagined housing system that allows for mass production of standardized room modules in a factory. These room modules stack and connect to build most any custom home.

Comments from Boxabl

"Being built in a factory gives us a new and better design that allows for rapid production and dramatically less components. They are more durable, energy efficient, and higher quality than traditional buildings. Can ship much easier given the folded up design as well."


eVolve has revolutionized the prefabrication workflow to dramatically accelerate the process of creating prefab deliverables to your business. They offer a smooth transition from AutoCAD to Revit and the “just in time” environment reduces overhead while increasing productivity.


Kreo Modular is a SaaS solution for the modular construction market. It allows businesses to find the optimal design-cost trade-off at the feasibility stage.

Comments from Kreo (Awards Won)

FullStack Modular LLC

FullStack Modular provides turnkey modular solutions for developers of new multifamily buildings, hotels and dormitories.


Good2Go access and queue management uses IoT to connect technology to every day situations, increasing consumer convenience and retailer customer service. In short, Good2Go provides access to the places people want to go. The Good2Go restroom-on-demand app handles everything from locating the nearest facility to unlocking and opening the door. Enjoy touchless access and modern, water-conserving fixtures for an altogether upgraded experience. Good2Go restrooms are ADA compliant, all-gender, and include baby changing stations.

Comments from Good2Go (Awards Won)

"Finalist for the Healthcare KAUST Challenge."


The Modulous Fastrack solution is a digitally integrated process enabling the rapid design, assembly and delivery of high quality, affordable, sustainable and smart homes.

Comments from Modulous (Awards Won)

"Winner: Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) - Design, Construction & Development 2020

Winner: CEMEX - Construction Start-Up Competition 2020

Finalist: Estates Gazette - EG Tech Awards 2020

Finalist: Builtworld - Global Construction Innovation Contest 2019

Finalist: UK PropTech Association - Tech for Good Award 2019"


Factory Ready Project Management Software For The Modular And Offsite Construction Industry. Offsight solves the delivery, quality, traceability and communication challenges of custom and project based manufacturing.

Comments from Offsight

"Check out our Offsight Blog, which includes Customer Case Studies, Expert Insights on the Offsite industry, Customer Spotlights, and Partner announcements."