$1.2B in 2021 Q3 Venture Activity: COVID supply chain disruptions shifts how the built environment interacts in the marketplace

Building upon a strong investment Q2 investment cycle of $775M, deals around the built industry have increased over 50% to over $1.2B over the summer. Over a half of investment activity (53%) was in three topics related to how companies engage with the marketplace: 1) Real Estate, 2) Materials Marketplace, and 3) Equipment Tracking. As the world shifts to adjust to a new normal post-COVID, many startups have taken the opportunity to revamp how buyers interact with suppliers. Many traditional supply chains and dealers have been disrupted; innovators are looking to shake things up and streamline to value chain.

Within Real Estate, investors are seeking platforms connecting rental properties to tenants; Blueground raised $140M in equity funding, Mynd raised $57.3M in venture activity, and Measurabl closed its Series C with $50M. What this means for those within the built environment is that individual property owners are seeking direct avenues to tenants; contractors, developers, and architects may see shifting tastes to styles better aligned to managing tenants remotely.

Infra.Market raised $125M in its Series D, capitalizing on COVID’s effect on Materials Marketplace’s supply chains worldwide by altering how construction materials are procured. There are three key takeaways for the industry: First, there is more pressure for supply chains to be nimble in liming exposure. Second, suppliers must be intentional in offering specialized knowledge and design services as more procurement professionals are starting to go direct. Third, contractors and developers should use this opportunity to evaluate existing relationships and look to create value within the supply chain.

With the largest activity of the quarter, EquipmentShare raised $230M as it expands its footprint into the US. Construction companies may elect to allocate a larger percentage of equipment to rentals if they can better respond to market conditions and supply chain issues. EquipmentShare is seeking to espouse digital metrics to physical machinery in an evergrowing effort to improve construction productivity. A shared platform to track productivity metrics of rented equipment may shift how contractors obtain jobsite equipment. 

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21Q3 Deals - Activity

wdt_ID Company Name Company Specialty Funding Type Amount Raised (M USD) Month Announced Investor(s)
3 EquipmentShare Equipment Tracking Venture Round 230 Jul-21 Tiger Global, Spruce House Partnership, RedBird Capital Partners, Tru Arrow Partners, Romulus Capital, Insight Partners, Anchorage Capital
4 Blueground Real Estate Venture Round 140 Sep-21 WestCap Group
5 Infra.Market Materials Marketplaces Series D 125 Aug-21 Tiger Global
6 Mighty Buildings 3D Printing Venture Round 100 Jul-21 ArcTen Ventures, Core Innovation Capital, Decacorn Capital, Gaingels, Khosla Ventures, Klaff Realty, MicroVentures, Modern Venture Partners, Polyvalent Capital
7 Path Robotics Robotics Series C 100 Jul-21 Tiger Global, Silicon Valley Bank
8 Versatile Sensors Series B 80 Sep-21 Insight Partners, Tiger Global
9 Mynd Real Estate Venture Round 57 Sep-21 QED Investors
42 Measurabl Real Estate Series C 50 Sep-21 Energy Impact Partners
45 Doxel Image Capture Series B 40 Aug-21 Andreessen Horowitz, Insight Partners
49 Nexii Building materials Venture Round 40 Sep-21 Horizon Technology Finance Group
50 Agora Supply Chain Management Series B 33 Aug-21 Tiger Global, 8VC, Tishman Speyer
55 Biild Financing Series B 30 Jul-21 LL Funds, Ulysses Management
61 Lev Real Estate Venture Round 30 Jul-21 Greenspring, First American Title, NFX, Canaan Partners, JLL Spark, Animo Ventures, Ludlow Ventures
70 Buildots AI/Machine Learning Series B 30 Aug-21 Lightspeed Venture Partners, TLV Partners, Tidhar Group
75 Made Renovation Planning Series A 23 Jul-21 Insight Partners, Founders Fund, Base10 Partners, Felicis Ventures
76 Reconstruct Image Capture Series B 17 Jul-21 Nemetschek Group, EquipmentShare, Romulus Capital, Thornton Tomasetti, Syska Hennessy, STO Building Group, SHoP Architects, Asia Pacific Land
78 NavigatorCRE Data Analytics Series A 17 Aug-21 Fulcrum Equity Partners
89 Infra.Market Materials Marketplaces Venture Round 13 Jul-21 Alteria Capital
91 Jones Real Estate Series A 13 Jul-21 JLL Spark, Khosla Ventures, Camber Creek
98 Nodes & Links Scheduling Series A 11 Jul-21 2150, Zigg Capital, Westerly Winds, Entrepreneur First, Seedcamp
100 Saqara Planning Series A 11 Sep-21 A/O PropTech, Activum SG, Caisse des Dépôts et Cosignation, Concrete VC, and Leigh Jasper
101 Diamond Age 3D Printing Seed 8 Aug-21 Prime Movers Lab, Alpaca VC, Suffolk Construction
102 Shepherd Insurance Seed 6 Sep-21 Spark Capital, Susa Ventures, Procore Technologies, Y Combinator, Greenlight Re, Oldslip
103 Powerplay Project Management Venture Round 5 Jul-21 Accel Partners, Surge
104 75F Building Operations & Maintenance Series A 5 Jul-21 WIND Ventures, OGCI Climate Investments, Next47, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
106 KEWAZO Robotics Series A 5 Sep-21 True Ventures
107 Vanilla Steel Materials Marketplaces Seed 4 Jul-21 Seedcamp, MSM, June Fund
108 Buildforce Labor Marketplaces Series A 4 Aug-21 TDF Ventures, Mecury, S3 Ventures
120 Brokrete Materials Marketplaces Seed 3 Jul-21 Xploration Capital
123 Enkasa Labor Marketplaces Seed 3 Sep-21 MetaProp, Greycroft
124 IPSUM Scheduling Venture Round 1 Jul-21 Dysruptek
125 QuoteToMe Collaboration & Documentation Seed 3 Jul-21 Builders VC, Blackhorn Ventures
127 Kollabo Data Analytics Seed 3 Sep-21 PropTech1 Ventures

Q3 2021 Deals - Notable Investors

wdt_ID Investor Investments Made
44 Nodes & Links
45 Agora
46 Saqara
47 Powerplay
48 Saqara
49 Diamond Age
50 Infra.Market
51 EquipmentShare
52 Doxel
53 Lev
54 Mighty Buildings
55 Reconstruct
56 Made Renovation
57 QuoteToMe
58 75F
59 QuoteToMe
60 Saqara
61 Jones
62 Lev
63 Saqara
64 Mighty Buildings
65 Mighty Buildings
67 Measurabl
68 Nodes & Links
69 Reconstruct
70 Made Renovation
71 Lev
72 Made Renovation
73 NavigatorCRE
74 Mighty Buildings
75 Shepherd
76 Lev
77 Enkasa
78 Nexii
79 Doxel, EquipmentShare, Made Renovation, Versatile
80 Jones, Lev
81 Vanilla Steel
82 Mighty Buildings, Jones
83 Mighty Buildings
84 Buildots
85 Billd
86 Lev
87 Enkasa
88 Mighty Buildings
89 Mighty Buildings
90 Vanilla Steel
91 Reconstruct
92 75F
93 Lev
94 75F
95 Shepherd
96 Mighty Buildings
97 Diamond Age
98 Shepherd
99 Kollabo
100 Mynd
101 EquipmentShare
102 EquipmentShare, Reconstruct
103 Buildforce
104 Nodes & Links
105 Reconstruct
106 Path Robotics
107 Shepherd
108 EquipmentShare
109 Reconstruct
110 Diamond Age
111 Powerplay
112 Shepherd
113 Reconstruct
114 Buildforce
115 Reconstruct
116 Buildots
117 Agora, EquipmentShare, Infra.Market, Path Robotics, Versatile
118 Agora
119 Buildots
120 EquipmentShare
122 Billd
123 Blueground
124 Nodes & Links
125 75F
126 Brokrete
127 Shepherd
128 Nodes & Links