The 2020 Buildings Analyst Calls

2020 Buildings Calls

While the Buildings Conference, now in its fifth year, has become a central event in the BuiltWorlds conversation over the years, there is too much happening at the intersection of emerging technology and high performing buildings to cover in one conference - even a three day conference. Emerging technology is increasingly impacting everything from how we plan and design buildings to the materials and systems that enable more sustainable, healthy, and responsive buildings. We have seen a host of preventative and responsive maintenance tools that help reduce building operating costs and improve user experience, and we have even seen the further development of mass timber, advanced concrete, and high performing steel enabling faster construction times and lower carbon footprints.

About the Buildings Analyst Calls

As the variety of building tech topics has ballooned, it has become too much to cover in one conference. So, last year we added a monthly call-in series to keep our members up to speed and connected year-round on topics relating specifically to building tech, and there is a lot more to come. If you missed the calls, we record them all for our members to reference. They can be found in our continuously expanding library of more than 500 videos offering expert presentations about how emerging technology is impacting every aspect of our vast buildings and infrastructure ecosystem. Meantime, as we approach this week's Buildings Conference, we've highlighted several of the Buildings Monthly Calls here, in the 2020 Buildings Analyst Call Play List. You can reference our Conference and Calls tab to find and sign up for upcoming calls, or head over to our Building Tech Home Page to find a more complete list of our Building Tech-related offerings and coverage.

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It is not too late. The BuiltWorlds Building Conference is the premier gathering of innovators and thought leaders focused on the intersection of emerging technology and the design, planning, materiality, and operations of buildings.

Designing Smart Buildings

From advanced building operating systems like emerging technology company, cohesion, to an increasing array of IoT enabled devices, Buildings are becoming increasingly "smart." It often falls to engineering firms like ESD to pull together systems and devices to make them work. In this session, ahead of a case study presentation at last year Buildings Conference, we learn more about that actual challenges and opportunities in the "design of smart buildings."

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Offsite Construction

Modular and prefabricated buildings and the technology behind them continue to be an increasingly important trend in Building Tech. This session was one of many we have hosted in the past year to help us unpack the various ways that modularization and prefabrication techniques and technology are gaining influence over different building types and systems.

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We have more conferences and calls every week, as the conversations and investigations continue into the latest trends, companies, and leaders in the fast moving building tech sector.

Leveraging Technology for Safer and Healthier Buildings

The onset of Covid set off a flurry of interest into how technology can help us design and also manage healthier buildings, protecting people from contracting Covid or other illnesses. Everything from tools to help plan buildings with better social distancing and air flow to tool that would help with contact tracing were part of this discussion.

Preconstruction Planning Models & Visualization

Two challenges that face the industry have been the difficulty using 2D drawings to visualize and to plan buildings and the expense of developing building models in enough detail to make them fully usable. In this session, we looked at advances in how data rich building models are developed for planning and other uses, and we also looked at how solutions leveraging virtual reality technology can help us plan and design better buildings.

Performance Buildings Planning and Pre-Construction Tools

Traditionally, people have looked at the hard construction cost and schedule of buildings as well as more subjective considerations around program and performance when evaluating designs for buildings. More recently, technology has introduced the ability to look at other hard metrics in evaluating building designs. Carbon footprints, energy profiles, and operating costs are among factors technology now increasingly allows us to consider in the design of buildings. This session delves into emerging, tech-enabled capabilities.

Building Products Path to Market

The growth of IoT technology has spawned a wide variety of building product and materials making buildings smarter, more energy efficient, more responsive, and more sustainable. However, the path to broad commercialization for devices and products is often more complex and expensive than for software. In this session, we looked to understand better the challenges, opportunities, and ecosystem around the innovative buildings and materials sector.

Buildings Analyst Call

Building Quality Management During Construction

For the vast majority of the buildings world, quality issues in construction are a given. Long punch lists, year-long warrantee periods, and construction defect claims all characterize an industry plagues by poor quality. How many industries deliver their products with the expectation that there would be quality issues?  In this session, we examined the attitudes, opportunities and challenges of leveraging technology to bring the industry closer to delivery of buildings free of quality issues.

Mass Timber

Earlier to focus on the carbon reduction imperative, major European players like Bouygues has made significant commitments to finding way to build with lower carbon footprints. In this session we learned about how the trend of mass timber building is playing out in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. We also learn about some of the other advantages of mass timber building and who the leading players are. Then, we take a look at the state of Mass Timber in North America where the trend is less pronounced, but growing.

Mass Timber Analyst Call

Advances in Materials

One of the more fascinating places where we are seeing innovation in buildings is in the basic buildings materials, themselves. Beyond the advent of mass timber construction, we are following significant gains in concrete, steel, and other products that lead to faster construction, more sustainable buildings and that also better enable advanced building techniques in modularization and robotics.

October Buildings Call Materials innovations


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