Key Quotes from the 2023 Americas Summit Day 2

BuiltWorlds’ 2023 Americas Summit had its final day of sessions on September 21. This three-day event is curated for top-level, C-suite executives within the AEC industry to connect and discuss the trajectory of the industry with all of the ever-changing technology and innovation. The Summit featured speakers that are industry pioneers and drive excellence within the ecosystem. The general sessions occurred at the iconic 110-story Willis Tower located in the heart of the Chicago Loop. Within this piece will be a rundown and interesting quotes from Day Two of the Summit.

Keynote Presentation: Where is the Industry headed: One Year, Three Years, Ten Years, The Tech Perspectives

Featuring Panelists: William Schlacks, President & Co-Founder, EquipmentShare

"In the five years, we are going to see a lot of solution providers, us included, turn tremendous focus in creating visibility in a system of records. What that means is when you ask a question on a jobsite like where a material is, whenever there is a question of where something is, you should have an answer at your fingertips. That doesn’t exist today and it must exist if we are going to decrease output. In my mind that’s really where I can see the most advancements."

- Willy Schlacks , President and Co-Founder, EquipmentShare

Smart Job Sites: What are the Equipment and Robotics Breakthroughs That Will Finally Improve Productivity in the Field?

robotics breakthroughs
Featuring Panelists: 


Alexey Dubov, CIO & Co-Founder, Mighty Buildings; Erol Ahmed, Director of Communications, Built Robotics; Kevin Albert, CEO, Canvas; and Martijn Hoppenbrouwers, VP, Operations and Customer Success, Teleo

" I think the other big thing about full autonomy is because so many pieces are moving around, you’re only going to get to full autonomy when you have full trade coordination in a digital sense. Having a robot move from one room to another by itself while other trades are moving around, knowing when that robot can actually do walls in that next room is going to take a lot of coordination that means what the super knows, what the foreman knows, what the other trades know have to be clearly communicated. What we see generally is that the last 10% is not where the bulk of the value is, so you can get huge increases in productivity and improvement onsite without getting true autonomy."

- Martijn Hoppenbrouwers, VP, Operations and Customer Success, Teleo

The State of Reality Capture & Predictive Analytics

reality capture
Featuring Panelists: Roger Yarrow, COO, Truelook; Erez Dror, CEO, Genda; and Stephanie Lin, Senior Director, Global Head of Business Strategy, Matterport

"In the Keynote it was mentioned that technology increases incrementally but data unfortunately increases exponentially. We are generating insane amounts of data and it's too much for humans to keep up with. You need a strategy on 'what am I going to do with this data?', 'how am I going to store it?' Instead of putting it in the shoebox and not looking at it, we have to ask 'what kind of insights do I want to get out of it?' AI is part of the solution."

- Roger Yarrow, COO, Truelook

Workforce in Crisis: The Needs of Today and Improvements of Tomorrow

Featuring Panelists: Shelley Finnigan, Director, EMDC & MPM Programs, Northwestern University - MPM and EMDCBrianne Stewart, Construction Technology Manager, Milwaukee Tool; Romey Oulton, (N America) Consultant ConTech/ClimateTech/DEI, LMRE; and Jay Martin, CEO, ToolWatch


"If you think about the fact that globally about $500 Billion in productivity was lost in rework last year alone. It's a huge percent. So where we spend our time is around trying to make sure that the organizations that we work with are as productive as possible and as safe as possible. Keeping maximum people on the job at one time."

- Jay Martin, CEO, ToolWatch

Managing Risk: Emerging Tech Collides with Finance

risk in FinTech
Featuring Panelists: Colin Laughlin, Director of Finance, Walsh Group; and Bret Bush, EVP Sales & Operations, Insight Risk Technologies LLC

"We had all this data but we didn't have any insights from it. That is what our CFO and CEO was driving for. If we have something in an instant on a project yesterday, what are we going to do today to help them out. And we just didn't have that information. We could get them a decision weeks later or months later but it was the day-to-day decision making and what to do with that day of. Now we are making real-time decisions but we are a decade into this.

- Colin Laughlin, Director of Finance, Walsh Construction Group