5 Benefits of Adoption for Site Safety Tech

It's Construction Safety Week and in advance of our upcoming analyst call on safety, Advancing Site-Wide Safety Practices with Innovative Technology, June 5, it's worth reviewing what comprises today's site safety solutions and which rise to the top.

What are site safety solutions?

Site safety solutions refer to a range of tools and processes that aim to ensure safety across jobsites. Although individual solutions may have varying capabilities, the goal for all is to provide comprehensive safety measures across the entirety of the site. Five key capabilities include:

Regulatory Compliance

Government authorities impose strict safety regulations and standards on construction sites. Contractors can comply with these regulations and reduce the risk of fines, penalties, or legal liabilities by employing safety solutions which can standardize safety documentation, and add context to safety information.

Risk Mitigation

Safety solutions mitigate risks by identifying and preventing hazards, while monitoring safety parameters such as equipment operation, worker behavior, and environmental conditions in real-time.

Worker Safety

Ensuring worker safety is crucial in construction. Many safety solutions focus on education, including training, communication, and monitoring to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities on-site.

Reporting & Analytics

Safety solutions can provide valuable insights into site safety, including incident reports, near-miss occurrences, safety compliance metrics, and trends. Analyzing this data allows contractors to identify patterns, implement targeted interventions, and continuously improve safety performance.


Implementing safety measures via site safety solutions can boost resource utilization, streamline processes, and minimize downtime due to accidents. As a result, project timelines improve and cost-effectiveness is enhanced.

Insights from BuiltWorlds Research on Safety & Risk Management Solutions

Safety and Risk Management solutions are an essential part of the AEC tech toolkit. According to the BuiltWorlds 2023 Field Solutions Construction Technology survey, 62% of companies in our sample are utilizing Safety and Risk Management solutions in some capacity. Out of these, 55% of respondents use these solutions for every project, and an additional 7% implement them on most or a few projects. Despite the overall high adoption rate and satisfaction levels reported by adopters, 38% of respondents are either not utilizing any Safety and Risk Management solutions or are unsure about their implementation. These results indicate that companies are either using these solutions for all their projects or not at all.

More on the Analyst Call

Next month's call will dive into the important topic of leveraging technology to improve the safety of jobsites. Participants will hear from Paul Cardis, CEO of On3, and David Ward, CEO and Founder of Safe Site Check In:

Paul Cardis, CEO, On3

Paul is the CEO of On3 – an AI-driven mobile app to support construction workers. On3.ai won many awards including Most Innovative Startup by the National Association of Home Builders, a Housing Innovation Alliance 2023 Pitchfest Award, a 2023 Brilliance Award from Techome Magazine, and is a 2024 Ivory Prize Finalist. Paul has a Business Analytics degree from Harvard and is ABD-Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Before entrepreneurship, Paul taught secondary education and was a research/teaching assistant.

David Ward, CEO & Founder, Safe Site Check In

David Ward is the CEO and Founder of Safe Site Check In LLC, a jobsite management platform for the construction industry. The platform automates worker onboarding, badging & training, safety and security check-ins, health screening, daily logs, safety videos, messages, forms, and remote site monitoring. David has 40+ years of tech industry experience and is a SCORE mentor.

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