AROUND THE NETWORK: VINCI Construction Pilots Exodigo – Leveraging AI to Assist in Identifying Utility Lines

VINCI Construction Pilots Exodigo – Leveraging AI to Assist in Identifying Utility Lines

Each year roughly 13,000 utility and power lines are accidentally struck in France due to the amount of construction taking place. This staggering number points to a larger problem and that is the lack of accurate data and maps being leveraged to allow contractors to know when and where they are able to safely dig.

Through part of VINCI’s innovation platform, Leonard, VINCI Construction was able to create a pilot program for an AI-empowered underground mapping solution, Exodigo. Using state-of-the-art scanners and mapping technology, Exodigo is able to quickly and accurately scan underground and identify where utility lines lie and translate that back into easier to read maps that contractors, and utility companies, can use for a wide variety of cases.

Exodigo recently finished their pilot project in a small subset and the results that were just released are as impressive as they are scary. Impressive because Exodigo was able to accurately and quickly depict utility lines in areas that had never been mapped, and partly scary because they were able to identify unrecorded lines in areas that had been mapped. It’s those lines that are unaccounted for that can create issues for contractors that were never considered in the first place. Within the results that were shown, Exodigo was able to identify nearly 57% more lines than had been previously identified in records to date.

Not only is this technology proving to be accurate and critically important to the safety of a job site, but it’s also fast and cost-effective as well.

VINCI Construction is now sharing the results of these findings with GRDF – the largest gas distributor in France that services more than 11 million customer a day – to understand how this newfound information can be leveraged both from a construction and utility standpoint.

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