BuiltWorlds Inaugural Class – Where are They Now?

Ever since its establishment in 2014, BuiltWorlds has been driving advancements within the AEC industry. A key strategy employed by BuiltWorlds is through the showcasing of emerging startups within the built ecosystem that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. At the 2023 Americas Summit, BuiltWorlds will be hosting a pre-event that features the inaugural BuiltWorlds class, highlighting these members' achievements and discussing how they navigate the ever-evolving built world.

Want to be a part of the conversation with industry trailblazers and BuiltWorlds' inaugural class?


Platt Boyd

Founder- Chief Innovation Architect, Branch Technology

Platt Boyd is no stranger to driving innovation in the AEC space, consistently seeking to disrupt traditional approaches in the industry to drive for transformative industry-wide change. Boyd founded Branch Technology in 2014, which began as a 3D printing pen, and has now cemented itself as a powerful manufacturing center with the world’s larger freeform 3D printers. What sets Branch Technology apart is their tech fleet’s capacity to harness the power of the natural world, enabling the production and manufacturing of projects that seamlessly integrate both sustainability and efficiency.

Branch Technology is currently involved in an initiative in collaboration with the Chattanooga city government, which is implementing a pilot program to print shelters for unhoused individuals throughout Chattanooga. These temporary shelters are made with cellular fabrication (C-Fab) technology, using composite polymers to create a structural lattice.

danielle dy buncio

Danielle Dy Buncio

Founder & CEO, VIATechnik

VIATechnik was founded by Danielle Dy Buncio and Anton Dy Buncio in 2012 and serves as a digital transformation leader with tools and services including BIM, virtual reality and augmented reality, digital construction management, 4D, and software development. They aim to convert the conventional realm of design within the built world into an accessible digital platform–promoting streamlined design, standardization of projects, and digital models for real estate services. VIATechnik uses real-world data to develop simulations that are capable of forecasting the performance and success of projects and potential solutions within AEC.

Their built environment software development team creates innovative design solutions that are customizable within projects for builders, architects, engineers, and real estate developers. Within their software is an easily accessible dashboard that synthesizes large amounts of data into trusted data sets, centralizing a project’s data seamlessly. Some notable projects from VIATechnik to date include the Massachusetts Port Authority, Four Seasons Chicago, and Chicago Union Station.

peter grant

Peter Grant

Co-founder & CEO, Safesite

In 2014, Peter Grant, Leigh Appel, and David Fontain co-founded award-winning Safesite. Their efforts transformed Safesite from a simple mobile app into an influential safety management solution, offering tangible enrichments to offerings within safety and insurance savings. Today, thousands of companies around the globe utilize their platform to empower workers to advocate for workplace safety, cutting incident rates in half for users.

Safesite provides its users with the necessary tools to increase field safety, such as incident reports, equipment inspections, hazard management, and inspections, checklists and audits. This allows project stakeholders to complete their work paperless, allowing for easy sharing and an extensive project library that all stakeholders can access anytime and anyplace. Users are also assigned a safety success coach that collaborates with a project team to create a custom safety engagement and compliance plan.

roger krulak

Roger Krulak

President and Founder, FullStack Modular LLC

Roger Krulak started FullStack Modular LLC as F.C. Modular in 2016, which constructed the world’s tallest volumetric modular building 461 Dean Street in Brooklyn, New York. They have grown immensely since then and offer offsite volumetric construction solutions that are paired with new technologies, providing noteworthy predictability, scalability, and efficiency within projects. Currently, FullStack Modular is the only steel-framed modular builder that is capable of building modular buildings that can range from 7 to 45 stories high in the United States.

Some of FullStack Modular’s projects include the M.I.U. (Mobile Isolation Unit), which is a five-unit medical isolation room assembly; Beach 20th, which features 80 rental units across 10 floors; and 581 Grant Ave., which hosts 176 rental units across 7 floors.

zach scheel

Zach Scheel

Co-Founder and CEO, Rhumbix

Rhumbix was co-founded in 2014 by veterans, Zach Scheel and Drew DeWalt, looking to improve construction functions for all stakeholders involved in projects. Traditionally, the process adopted by AEC projects is extremely complex and inefficient and these two knew that there had to be a more efficient way to tackle projects. Since its inception, Rhumbix has helped to complete 239,532 construction projects and has captured 107.7B timekeeping hours within its digital timecards.

Rhumbix Field Analytix™ supplies dashboards, real-time updates, and powerful filters in order to maintain order and visibility into site productivity for all project stakeholders. These customizable dashboards bring in over 18,000 weekly users while providing simplified and flexible workflows, connecting the field to the office.